20 comments on “Videos I Like 5

  1. Nagkagulo ‘yung mga title mo ng video, Chico. Hehe

    Grabe ‘yung dahil sa WoW ah. Hahahaha

  2. hi chico, here’s one more youtube video you might like too. =) it’s a wedding entrance of a couple from the US. Apparently this has also become a youtube sensation recently and has spread like wildfire over the net.

  3. On Daughtry: Really cool. His voice is straining a little, but wow, brave of him to take on poker face 😉

    On the bear cub: Aww, yeah, you’re right, that video’s both funny and heartbreaking. He must have had some pretty scary experiences to be that jumpy. It doesn’t help that they keep subjecting him to so much stress 😛

    On Harry’s biggest fan: Really sweet of Daniel Radcliffe to play along like that. Seems like a genuinely nice lad 🙂

    enjoyed the videos, chico! thanks for sharing 😉

  4. About the Greatest Freakout ever..So,OA. Di po ata xia mbubuhay pag-nawala un.Hehe
    The version of Chris: Astig! Ganda ng pagkaka-immitate nea..haha!

  5. on the spoiled brat – OMG, it that were my kid, susubuan ko yun ng siling labuyo! grabe, how old is he na ba to act that way! hala chico, what will you do if you’ll have a kid like that?

    catnip – where can we find those? is that fit for human consumption?! hehehe!

  6. ~On the bear cub video – it’s cute and funny. the bear cub really gets spooked easily.
    ~On the Harry Potter’s biggest fan video – the girl was crazy, no wonder she’s the biggest fan 😀
    ~On the Catnip: Cat Drugs video – hope you can put up the videos of your cats smelling catnip, their behavior really gets weird, just by smelling it..

    All in all..I love the videos 🙂

  7. im from Okinawa and we are proud of Churaumi Aquarium..its a 2 hr drive from Naha airport and the latest addition to the tank is a manta ray born in captivity…thank you for posting this video.I hope you can visit our place… you and delle….

  8. waaaaaaaaah!!!!bakit ganon? naaawa ako dun sa baby bear ~_~ baka may sakit sya sa puso sobrang nerbyoso nya!!!!waaaaah!!!

    waaaaaaaah!!!! bakit ganon? naawa ako dun sa nagfreak out na teenager ~_~ baka may sakit sya sa utak, ang weirdo nya!!! waaaah!

  9. –spoiler–
    lol for the 2nd video. Apparently someone posted on the internet that moma is Dan’s favorite yogurt e hindi naman pala. So after the interview with Dan she (Kana) was asked if she had any regrets during the interview, she said none but that she cannot forgive the person who posted the info about moma. eto ba yung last part na ayaw mo sabihin Chico? hehehe.

  10. @Greatest Freakout Ever
    What a sissy fit… And I thought I was over dramatic.

    Poor baby bear, I guess it wasn’t used to seeing lions at all and it was outnumbered.

    Wish I was that girl in that HP Fan Video… Just change D. Radcliffe with Evana Lynch.. *Hope I got the spelling right* Hehehe. Want the hat to put me in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. >:D

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