13 comments on “The Best And The Rest 160

  1. love numbers 3, 6 and 14,

    my younger cousins do that PAALAM thing too, haha kids.

    number 25 is so funny!


  2. lol! kids….

    one time my 6yr old son wanted to play games on our computer, i told him he cannot im going to turn it off coz “pagpapahingahin muna ang computer dahil ang tagal nang nakabukas”, he answered, “bakit tao ba yan, bakit kailangan magpahinga?”

  3. I was scolding my 6-year old niece. So I said “Pasaway ka rin ano?”
    Then my 3-year old nephew went “Pasaway talaga!” (nag-roll pa yung pagkakasabi ng ‘talaga’)

  4. My niece told the mamang tindero ng gulay “Mama pabili nga po ng kamatis, yung maganda po ah wag po yung kasingpangit nyo.”

    So I told her don’t say it kasi baka sabihin ng mamang tindero: “Ay hija, wala na kong magandang kamatis eh, yung kasing-pangit mo na lang.’ ^ ^

  5. my cousin’s friend tried to scare my nephew and said “hala! lagot ka nabasa yung shades nya!”
    my nephew said “edi punasan!”

  6. hi chico! its me buchocgirl06.. just want to say thank you that you chose my suggested topic (first topic from this really really great blog)..kaso you got my name wrong..it’s buchoCgirl06..

  7. Offtopic… I joined your MBL community.
    Your widget also looks weird!

    Sheesh I’ll remove this MyBlogLog widget too as long as this pangit widget isn’t resolved soon.

  8. i was talking to my kids aged 8, 5, and 4 … i asked them if they know where Jesus lives … middle child said “far away” … the eldest said, “no, he’s in our hearts” … so, i said, “yes, kuya’s right, Jesus is in our hearts” … then the youngest added, “oh yeah, he’s right behind our boobs!” 😀

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