20 comments on “7 Lakes

  1. Nice photos! Nostalgic! I was able to visit all 7 lakes, about 6 years ago. I was surprised when the tour guide told us that the “putikan” we were standing on with a puddle of water was actually one of the 7 lakes. I initially thought it was a joke. I can’t remember which lake it is. The lake seemed to have dried up over the years, worsened by illegal quarrying. Not sure though how it looks now.

  2. Me too, I like the second to the last photo where a man is near the apex of two bamboo poles. I suggest the title “Chopsticks” because it looks like a pair of chopsticks holding on to piece.

  3. I like the first and last photo. I also like the tutubi…na-miss ko tuloy ang summer vacation sa province.

    Gawd! Chico, u don’t know what’s masukal is? ur so sashaal talaga! 😀

    Question, the 11th photo…is it taken from the rocks na tinubuan na ng lumot? coz the image there is like Jesus Christ looking up. Or grotto ba talaga yun? *confused*

  4. hello Chico,

    way back in 1991, my college org, UPSCA, sent me and 4 others to a 14-day Barriowork experience at Pandin. 14 days of taking a bath at that lake, taking a dump somewhere between trees, paddling the yambo, catching tilapia and cooking them over twigs and cut-up logs… it was a memorable experience! thanks to your blogpost, i fondly recalled the good (and not so good) days and nights spent at Pandin.

    i wonder if the people i remember are still there — rico, anna, nanay belen… please tell me more about your Pandin and Yambo visit!

    P.S. I’m from LSGH too!

  5. Hi Chico! Great great photos. Im a silen rusher since late 1990’s. Planning to go into digital photography as well. May I ask what dslr camera you’re using prior to nikon d90. thanks!

  6. You made me miss my hometown chico!!!! Thanks so much for the photos i loved it!!! I miss Sampaloc lake especially my uncle, aunt and cousins still live by the lake.

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