16 comments on “Lola Techie

  1. meron din siyang Plurk, Twitter, Multiply and Facebook accounts. maraming umaaway sa kanya sa Plurk kasi ang poser daw. 😆

  2. 😉

    I hope my Mom’s like Lola Techie…..so that I won’t worry too much if ever I leave the country and one means of our communication would be through the internet.

  3. how come i haven’t seen these commercials? ah….hindi nga pala ako nanonood ng free-TV. sashal! 🙂

  4. “abangerz naman ‘tong mga ‘to!” ==>really cracked me up! =))

    tnx fo sharing, chix 😀


  5. my lolo could pass for lola techie’s male counterpart!
    he and and my lola would fight for what boyfriends-girlfriends would fight about these days: DOTA! he sometimes won’t even stand up to eat lunch or dinner because he’s too busy playing.

    And when we visit, he, my dad and my 2 uncles would play DOTA and have their own tournament. Sometimes my 5 to 6-year-old cousins would join in.

    I guess my lola’s not that techie enough. She only has an account in Friendster.

  6. hahaha! ito pala yun! my nanay (62 years old) told me that she has a fave ad now about lola techie. kaya pala! she can sooo relate kasi before i migrated, i taught her how to chat and email and a few games. lahat kami nagulat kasi na-addict sya sa games! at sya pa ang nangulit na gawan ko sya ng facebook. thanks for posting chico!

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