19 comments on “Simple Shoes

  1. Yup Ron, they have Simple at Rustan’s & just saw today, they have na rin sa ROX at bonifacio high street:)
    I have 2 reliable Simples, not only are they so comfy, they make me feel good even on rainy days:)

  2. Thanks to you kuya chico!!!

    I was able to know these shoes. They wrote good stuff bout you too…

    Cheers. silent rusher me. hehe.

  3. In fairness, ok yung shoes and the advocacy of the company who made it, kaso… naka sira ata yung legs nung model, patlang-patlang na yung balahibo kita pa yung peklat ng pigsa…. hehehe!(lol)

  4. I knew Simple Shoes sa mga extreme biking magazines before…are they the same Simple Shoes? Coz the moment I saw the shoes back then I fell in love with them…

    Kaya lang baka mahal…pero most definitely worth the money naman siguro since it’s environment-friendly. Ang gulo ko noh? ^^

  5. their prices are pretty much the same as converse and nike (2k-3k) may additional eco-friendly factor though that makes the difference:) i’m encouraging my boys to get these.

  6. thanks for sharing Chico! I checked dito sa lugar namin, may retailer.
    At may nakita na rin akong designs na gusto ko…take note plural! hahaha

    i luv sneakers!

  7. thanks chico for sharing chico! i just got my simple teetoe gladiators, ang ganda nya, i’m so happy with it.
    and it’s 10% off right now at rustan’s:) it’s made of organic cotton na embroidered with little
    flowers and then cork and recycled cartires for the soles…cool*:) i really feel good about it and it’s low maintenance.

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