18 comments on “The Best And The Rest 157

  1. okay…so may pagka-snob pala ako kasi 5 dun sa lines e nasabi ko na dati:(

    reminds me of a time when an employee approached me and asked me if sa’kin daw ba maga-out and I answered, “Bakit, mukha ba akong bundy clock?”

  2. wow…this is the first time my entries are included in your blog! hihimatayin ata ako! hehehe.

  3. hi chico. nahiya kc kme na lapitan ka dun sa Casa San Pablo pero most of my co-residents know who you are. i think nakasabay ka namin mag-lunch and dinner. we dare each other nga to have your autograph/picture taken eh. hahaha. Kme yung group ng IM residents na maingay. teambulding kc namin. anyways, it was really nice seeing you. 😀

  4. The people who made these remarks aren’t so much snobs as @ssholes. There’s a difference. Just an opinion.

  5. i so loved this topic! made be laugh after a tiring day.

    i think I have used 5 to 7 lines in my lifetime. 🙂

    not proud of it, but the recipients called for it.

  6. Wow! This was the top ten that my entry got in! And I only join very rarely huh! ……So does that mean I’m a real snob and not a “painfully shy” person?

  7. wow. i hope the people who submitted these entries weren’t actually proud of themselves, because they’re seriously immature if they were.

  8. i think the entries are more of arrogant, and yes immature answers. you wouldn’t want anyone to talk to you as if they’re the only people who can read and write. tsk tsk. Opinions :0)

  9. I think yung number 9 is just plain GMRC.

    There are other ways where you can call a person politely. Ang pinaka-most okay are pogi and sexy (sabay snicker deep inside.)

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