18 comments on “Cat Portraits (Isis)

  1. Though I don’t like cats that much, I have to say, you have beautiful cats! And wow, you have 2 champions in your hands! They must have cost a fortune! But, Aras is my favorite…the jologs cat. Maybe, it’s the underdog (well, in this case, the underCAT syndrome). Hehe! Really love the way you captured his feistiness!

  2. Hey Chico,

    Just dropping by to ask for you a big favor…

    I just uploaded my recent photography galore over at flickr. I was wondering if you could critique it, so as for me to improve.

    I always drop by your blog to look and admire your work, and I say they’re one of the best on the planet. Keep it up.


  3. beautiful cat, and very nice photography , and the timing was so good , i like it , keep it up .

  4. im not a cat person, but i love your cat portraits! i like how u capture their eyes. cats/dogs eyes are hard to photograph. if ever you’re in area, the MAKATI CAMERA CLUB will be having an exhibit at the glorieta 4 lobby this weekend (july 17-19), in cooperation with PERDISCO (persons with disability and co. of san lorenzo village makati). you can check our multiply site, lensmen.multiply.com.

  5. she is a cat through and through – she thinks she’s the boss and you’re lucky she let’s you take care of her. she is such a cutie and poses like a model!

  6. she is so lovely! can we set up a date for her and my cat? they will make a lovely pair! hahaha!

    i agree with you– not all cats like catnip. we have 2 cats but only one is so into it. parang possessed when we give him some. 😀

  7. hey chico, it’s my 20th birthday today. can you pretty please greet me, so i wont be sad anymore cause i’m no longer a teen hehe. thank you

  8. awwww….Isis is so cute! I’m not really a cat person but I can’t resist falling in love with her…the camera loves her (errr..or is it the other way around?)

  9. I’m gonna buy lots of catnip when I return back to the Phils. Hehehe. Or send a lot of it now, and have my sis do a video of how each one reacts – haven’t seen a cat get high on catnip. 🙂 This I gotta see!

  10. Hey Chico!

    I just want to get your permission coz I want to post the photos of your beloved cats on my blog 😀

    I also adore cats and I just wanted to show my friends the good side of these furry creatures!

    Please please???

    Thanks a bunch!

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