28 comments on “Cat Portraits (Aras)

  1. aaawww! nice post and aras is sooo cute! kaka-aliw yung PG term mo for aras kc that’s how my nephew calls one of our dogs too. we bought our 2nd dog kc from a breeder when he was already 5 mos old and he grew up competing with other dogs for food and attention. so nung dumating sya sa house, super PG talaga. my mom has to feed our first dog inside the cage para di agawin ng 2nd dog yung food nya. he’s been with us for more than 2 years already pero ganun pa din sya although nakaka-aliw naman kasi tabachingching sya. and the best thing is, super KSP sya, he he. he’ll do all kinds of stuff para lang mapansin sya, kahit bumale-balentong na sa kakatalon 🙂

  2. Hi chico. Saw you sa Casa San Pablo last Sat. lalapitan ka sana namin kaya lang nahiya kme sayo. anyways, it was nice seeing you and i rili enjoyed listening to Morning Rush. super funny kc. it lightens up our toxic world.

  3. Your photos are great Chico. Looks like you gave a lot of work getting these pictures, or magaling ka lang talaga tumi-ming (root: timing..hehe)!?

  4. I like Aras’ shots.. cutenes! The first picture kept me wanting for more cats at home. Aras’ doesn’t look like a fierce cat on that shot.

    five thumbs up (altho I only have two, or four to include my toes tho.. hehe)

  5. Nakaka touch naman! How I wish people would also be like that with people, i.e. accepts you for who you are, despite your shortcomings, allows you to be who you really are and who you want to be. Yan ang “unconditional love” di ba? Aras must be very lucky to have been found by you Chico.

  6. i had the same problem with my cat years back…whenever i bring him out of the house he freaks out, I got scratches and been bitten so deep it literally bled..well it dint stop me from bringing him out once in while, eventually their fear faded and i got used to being scratched hehe :p

  7. Wow, good job in capturing kitty moments. I always have a terrible time taking photos of my cats (3 persians). They hate the camera. The moment they sense it, they run away or worse, claw at you.

  8. Awww….he’s sooo photogenic! I don’t like cats (I’m a dog lover) but I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your cats. They’re quite cute! 🙂

  9. I’m basically not a cat person..but I love looking at cat pics and I know how hard it is to photograph dogs..they just won’t sit still or stay long enough to let you have a shot. But Aras is so cuteeeee!!! And fiesty too! hehehe!

  10. i saw aras’ pix when you rescued him in batangas on one of your past posts..
    he’s so cute, he actually looked like one of our kittens..but sadly he died..
    my daughter’s friend told us that the kitten was ran over by a passing car..ugh!
    so sad…the only good thing is, of the four kittens our cat had, 1 survived..
    yes only one..she’s now 6mos old..her color combination is black/grey/white
    and she’s just as equally cute as our kitten who died that looked like aras..

  11. chico, reading your post on aras was like reading about our very own cat, b. although she is not a domestic cat, she just has no breeding at all! hahaha! just like aras, she is PG and KSP. B finishes her food in one go while our other cat would just nibble and would eat only when he’s hungry. B doesn’t like being touched before. but now, she has warmed up to us and she would let us stroke her back about 3-4 times before she runs and hide. oh well, she has her own charm.

  12. Ang cute,grabe! Favorite ko ung pang8th na pic nya, parang mala-zoolander ang effect ng face ni aras. Ang cute,sobra! Ang galing mo tlaga kumuha ng pics chico! And i love reading ur posts. Keep it up!

  13. waah cat!!!!!!!!!
    we have 13 cats at home, with weird names… Tikoy, Hopia, Kung Hei, Fat Choi, APEC…

  14. oh – and there’s like a special way to carry a cat so u won’t get scratched…

    man, i love kitties… 🙂

  15. Hi, Chico. I liked you more when I read that you rescued a kitten from being drowned. I just wished you were able to rescue all of them. Being a cat lover myself, I share your feelings towards your pets. Aras is the typical pusakal who was traumatized. I had a cat who looks like him that came to live with us because we were feeding him every meal time. He is so wild he will “attack” for no apparent reason. He is so unpredictable that I have scratch marks all through out his stay with us. But I dont really mind that much because as you’ve said, he is family and you dont give up on family. I just accepted it from him because he has been through a lot in the streets just like Aras has been through that traumatic event in the sea. Anyway, I would like to share with you this site: http://www.animalsaviors.org. Please sign the petition to stop china from skinning cats and dogs ALIVE. Imagine! They should stop killing period! This made me cry, I swear. Please help by signing and spreading word.


  16. I love how you write about all of your pets. The affection you have for them radiates off every single word and picture. :))

  17. i love aras..!!! so cute… i also rescued a domestic cat (mingming although male cat). I got him on the street, dirty and maybe just 3 days old.. you must be so happy with your cats, they give look pretty…

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