14 comments on “The Best And The Rest 155

  1. ano masama sa bayantel wireless landline?? ok na yung trying hard mag ingles…
    pero i dont see anything wrong with the wireless landline..sbarro feeling sosy
    pinay, feeling sosy ba yun eh she was honest to say ketchap??nothing wrong with having prepaid sim in an iphone walang pasosyal dun…porket ba prepaid pang low end
    phone models lang? dont think so…valid pasosyal hirit here are 12 and 18 lang
    i think..

  2. I remember listening to this Top Ten! and I remember laughing so hard at the “pasta in Linea Italia” joke! Nice one, the rushers talalga 🙂

  3. i remember this top 10 because i was laughing so hard then! lalo na dito:

    “Oh my gawd, I looove Linea Italia!” Girl 2: “Oh my gawd, me too! I looove their pasta!”

    tandang tanda ko pa ung delivery. ahahha parang oh my gaaaaaaaaad, me tuwwwwwwwwooo… hehe

  4. But Linea Italia indeed served yummy pasta in their main branch (Marconi cor Morse) back in the late 1990s and early 2000. 🙂

  5. haha, taglish or engalog are my pet peeves. as a professor once said, if you are going to speak english, speak straight english. Kung magtataglog ka, daapat lahat tagalog.

  6. We were wondering if we could interview you (Mr. Chico) for our SABAT segment at MgaEpal.com

    Sorry we didn’t have any other way to get to you, we’re hoping to get your attention with this.


    “Boss Chip” (MgaEpal.com Head writer / Editor-in-chief)

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