12 comments on “1st Photoshop Exercise

  1. the gradient is well put. the images of cats are also organized and blends well onto the white bg. i’m not feeling the typography though. overall its excellent for a first timer..

  2. wow! ang husay ah! i love the pics and how you put them together in one picture using photoshop. malinis! Good job! 🙂

    *there are sites that will show you how to edit pictures step by step.. at may screenshot pa!

  3. Not bad, Chico. You have the sight and the concept, you just need to improve the application. 😀

    Keep up the good work! Who knows, on your next exhibit we’ll get to see more of these pics on display.

  4. Oh my! Aras? Is that really Aras? Nice. Big ket na, no longer a kitteh !!! And Isis’s eyes…they’re like holens. Love the pink nose and lips.

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