19 comments on “Kiwi!

  1. this was one of the most heartfelt posts that i have read. thank you so much for this, you’ll never realize how deeply i was touched.

    now to find my happy…

  2. at first i couldn’t understand what kiwi was doing. but when i felt my heart breaking when i saw his little hands moving, trying to fly. awwwwwwww.

  3. Very poignant Chico and very well written. I fully understand how this short animated film touched you as I too have been moved by this very same film a few months back. I was moved because of that sense of raw heroism in the Kiwi – not ever giving up that ONE thing that he has ever so wanted and dreamed of doing or becoming – that enduring integrity to keep on even if it means jumping off a cliff.

    • OMG! Chico…this got to me:

      “…It got to a point where I put myself in considerable risk, whether emotionally or physically or financially, just to find that which evades, which eludes, which steers clear of me no matter how much I yearn to find it. As ashamed as I am to admit it, each step I took was a step in desperation, to find what I thought at the time, was that one thing that would consummate my until then unaccomplished excuse of a life. It was the one thing that would open the floodgate of unbridled happiness that would gush forth with roaring fury that would wash away the thick veneer of sadness that has encrusted over me after all these years of unabated solitude…”

      I was about to do something stupid, a step in desperation… but this woke me up. I have to wait, no matter how hard, no matter how tempting. I have to wait for that someone who is RIGHT. Not to settle for something that seems RIGHT, right now.

      You are a lifesaver. Thanks.

  4. I watched the clip at least 3 x but still cannot understand what it’s all about. I can understand the perseverance of the kiwi in nailing the tree, but cannot understand why he needs it – what’s that nailing of the tree is for. I also cannot understand why suddenly the flight of the kiwi, which started vertical, becomes horizontal – cannot be explained by the law of gravity. Finally, there is this small flap which suddenly came out of the kiwi’s side and started flapping, like in the act of flying – why? Surely, I cannot understand the tear that fell (or gushed out) of his eyes – is it a tear of joy because the kiwi can finally fly or the kiwi took a suicide and was lonely meeting its untimely death. So many questions, so many emotions – so like life, cruel as it use to be for some people. Sigh!

  5. we may be part of the same class, or specie but still, different… sometimes we try to fit into something but continuously being rejected…until we are broken into pieces…some are lucky to have a glue to pick up these pieces and bind them again…but, some aren’t…

    la lang.ahehe

  6. @edwin, just to help… kiwis can’t fly, and obviously this one has badly dreamt about it. he nailed all those trees horizontally, so when it jumps off the cliff, he gets the feeling of flight… even just for one short time, and even to his demise.

    i believe the question to the viewers is, will you be a regular kiwi? or one that pursues his dreams at any cost?

    thinking deeply about it, this is ultimately a happy ending.

    • Hi Rael,thanks for the explanation …though it looks obvious to me, I still cannot believe others are getting the hang-out of it – those simple things in life need not be made a big deal …Looks like the kiwi is just saying it simply, but we, mortals and more logical specie is making a big fuss about it … yeah, I bend the line – but I would like to be like a devil’s advocate …no heart feeling … I feel the same for now …just for now at least …

  7. This is week is a pivotal week for me in more ways than I’ve ever imagined. I was struck when I was reading the entry, parang may ewan na himala! Oo nga, you’d get things if you stop searching, working or chasing so hard for it. Oh well. I was on the verge of making a huge career shift (stop, actually) and cutting ties with the person who’s been my closest thing to happiness since God knows when. Your entry is a sign Chico. It’s a huuuuge sign for me. Thank you for this entry. 😀

  8. Lintek … ang lungkot nung cartoon.
    Yun lang. Salamat for sharing just the same.
    Regards to Delamar.

  9. OMG!!!!! grabe to! i couldn’t stop crying after watching the kiwi video… i guess because there’s that kiwi in all of us… tama si chico.. we should focus more on our blessings.

    but brick walls are there for a reason too..they are not just there to keep us out..The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something…

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