17 comments on “The Best And The Rest 154

  1. can i add: To get what you want the most you have to do what you want the least. from Julia of My Sister’s Keeper.

  2. i sooo love this top ten! it got me! makes me want to linger and re-think what the hell am i doing with my life!

  3. can i also add?

    “Facts leaves no room for possibilities”

    “When a character of a man is not clear to you ~ look at his friends”

    “Improvement starts with I”

    “You can’t have everything, Where would you put it?”

    “To be happy drop the words “If Only” instead replace them with words “Next Time”. “

  4. this is soooo mind boggling : “Always remember na kahit gaano man kalalim ang ilog, hanggang dibdib lang ito ng duck!”

    a friend just had an out of this world moment and blurted : You don’t know the power of your electricity.

    Ah, friends!

  5. i get most of my wise quotes from House MD – even if Dr House is an a-hole, he represents the harsh reality of life.

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