8 comments on “The Best And The Rest 153

  1. “Angus – A few years ago, I got a girlfriend through text. Her voice was okay and her picture was okay. But when I met her, she made me wish I was dead: she looked like an orc compared to her picture. Hideous and fake. The relationship lasted no more than 24 hours.”

    HAHA! it happens a lot… One of the laborers of my tito before went to meet his textmate. Just an hour later he went home already, he looked like he’d seen a ghost a said. We asked what happened, he said “bwi**t sya! sinayang nya lang and load ko! Ayun binigyan ko ng pamasahe at pinauwi!”

  2. “Riza – A chatmate said he has “rosy cheeks”. I thought I hit the jackpot for bagging a mestizo. When I finally saw him, he had a huge red balat on his left cheek.”

    this reminds me of my ex..he has a huge red balat on his left cheek..i wonder if it’s the same person Riza was talking about here..hahahaha

  3. #12..seriously??? whoa! that’s cool…wish ko lang maka-EB ko si John Lloyd..wish lang naman eh… 😀

  4. Whoaaa more top ten please i super miss ur show, used to listen to u guys evry mrning wen im still back der:( u guys r lyk my daily laughter suppliers in d morning love u chico nd deeelll

  5. wow! i missed this one again?? maybe I was in the office na when my entry came, i think this was the highest spot that i got..too late comment,, im still updating myself to chicos’ blog, at least im only a year late reading his blog, buti na lang petiks dito sa office lage,,

    enewei the girl with a pimple on her right cheek? actually that was happened october 2006, right now? we’re on our 5th monthsary as a married couple,,,tinamaan talaga ako ,,hehe
    tnx chico for a very entertaining blog of yours

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