24 comments on “99 Balloons

  1. freakin’ tears man!! tears are literally falling down my cheeks!! sniff…snifff…

    nice vid, chico!

  2. hey chix..grabe no idea that i would miss your blog..it this true?i mean this vid..its heartbreaking.sometimes life isn’t always fair and there’s nothing we could ever do but accept it.it wasn’t always easy to lose someone you love but life goes on.death is a stage we all must go through. its hard but thats the way it is.you would always have a hole in your heart that no matter what you do it could never be filled.but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that person knows that he/she has been loved after all thats all that matters. 🙂

  3. wow. i’m in tears… this was sad but i liked how the parents celebrated his life, it was so beautiful…

  4. Yes, i believe people tend to feel that way, that death is far away… but it makes you think what if… i’m even wondering what i would feel after i die… does that make sense? does that make me a thanatophobic? (got that on the net, hope it’s right) 😉

  5. death has been all around me, too. i thought it was just adult life welcoming me (i’m 26) but now that you wrote about it… death, indeed, is in the air…

  6. I saw this video yesterday. I’m still in tears everytime i remember the video. Haaaaayyyy… sadnesss…

  7. hi chico.. my greatest dream is to be a father someday..that’s why im working hard on my job..as well as to prove my girlfriend that i can be the best husband and a father.. kaya this entry stings my heart big time.. parang nararamdaman ko yung pakiramdam nung tatay..

    continue to inspire lives Chico..

  8. Chico you were right on the money about a cloud of death pervading in the air. i could not agree more. it’s been two grief-stricken years, good for them and sad for us- the ones left behind. i feel too numb to break into tears too much sorrow… i haven’t seen the video, i guess part of me isn’t ready to deal with any more sadness but i think i saw it somewhere. i shifted my ante on tear dropping moments to a lower degree and sob over reality tv breakups. It was paintstaking to see the Hulk cry…”i spent 30 years ruining my body to build that house where a 19year old boy now lives” this was last nights episode of Brooke Hogans new show…the Hulk doesn’t cry…death hasn’t loomed around them much yet, to value who they have.

  9. i watched this together with my sister. we both cried. it’s just so sad that it had to be that way. but i’m proud of the parents. hindi nila naisip yung pwedeng mangyari kay eliot. they just really celebrated everyday of his life, and for me, it really matters a lot. =)

  10. I can relate to how you feel Chico. For the past two months, it seems like almost every week is a scheduled visit to a funeral home. First was a brother’s in-law, then a family friend, third was a very dear friend at just 27 yrs old, and just last week was my own uncle. Somehow, the experience was like a splash of cold water, telling me that life can be gone anytime, and in any way. Our life is indeed very short, learn to make the most out of it and enjoy every minute of it…

  11. at a young age, i’ve always wanted to be a housewife. taking care of my spouse and my children are my only means of happiness. but, unfortunately, either i can’t get pregnant, but, in the even that i do, mahirap na siyang kumapit.

    they are very lucky to even have, even for a glimpse, experienced such joy. 🙂

    thank you for this chico. 🙂

  12. Chico,

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    I also lost my second son. He came out on my birthday, May 16th of this year, when he was supposed to be out on September 8th. He was still alive upon delivery, but he only lived for a couple of minutes. He didn’t even cry.

    The only thing that I’m so regretful for, is that when I saw him, I never tried to touch him. It was so heartbreaking that I just bursted in tears when I saw him, and I got so afraid so touch him because his skin looked so tender, I’m afraid I could damage him even with the lightest of touch.

    I just posted on my friendster shout-out today that I’m going to start to move on. Then I saw this video and every single event that very day flashed before my eyes again.

    Anyway, I know he’s my angel now, and he’s looking after me and his brother and our entire family. And the next time I visit his tomb, I’m going to give him 1 balloon, to represent the only day he spent on earth.

    He was God’s birthday gift to me that he took too soon.

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