25 comments on “Herbal Medicine

  1. with due respect to the herbalists and the chinese practitioners, it’s essential that the drugs we take are approved by BFAD locally and/or FDA abroad and that we understand the mechanism of action of whatever drug or agents that we’re asked to take for certain ailments. otherwise, we might just put are vital organs, especially the liver and the kidneys that metabolize all the drugs we take, at high risk to be impaired.

    SGPT and SGOT now known as ALT and AST are LIVER ENZYMES. Severely elevated levels of these SGPT/SGOT mean liver or hepatobiliary tract problem. My unsolicited advice is to go check your MD.


  2. Hi Chico! I really lov readin your blog… lalo na the top ten… It’s so funny.. I love it!! It cheers me up…

  3. I had a similar scenario with elevated SGPT, which is an indication of a fatty liver, or diabetes. If it’s fatty liver, maybe the best thing to do is… diet. That’s what my gastro told me.

  4. ewww, CHico sa description mo pa lang ng herbal medicine…taob na ko. Eh kung cough syrup nga hirap na kong lunukin eto pa kaya — hardcore,muddy, boiled-ashtray tasting tea. :p

  5. chico i think its best to consult your doctor to make sure you’re okay..

    remember HEALTH is WEALTH…

  6. hi chico. 😀 i know how you feel when drinking those herbal ‘soups’.:D we also go to a chinese doctor, but his clinic is in ortigas, across ADB. eventhough the taste is literally out of this world, the ‘soup’ is very effective. 😀 basta gumaling ka, hindi bale na yung lasa. 😀

  7. “dried and flattened cow dung”…hahahaha…really made me laugh so hard eventhough im alone in the office..hahaha…thanks Chico for always keeping me company 🙂

    take care and get well…

  8. The most I can stomach is sambong tea, and processed at that. And, acupuncture is good. Acupressure, never tried. Heard it hurts like hell.

  9. I’m Chinese, and yes, I’ve drank my share. When I was a kid, my apendix was acting up. I drank those herbs and I never needed to have it removed. I’m not 100% sure that it was the herb’s doing though. Another Chinese med that most of us go through is: growth balls. The medicine is wrapped in wax which looks like a ping pong ball.

    While we are on the topic, did you hear about what happened to a Chinese Herbal Dr. near Araneta Ave. area years ago? We go to him sometimes. Then one day, we saw him being featured in XXX. As they would term it: Nasakote! The poor dr. was handcuffed. There was no complainants, instead there were a bunch of his patients who went to plead for his freedom saying that he didn’t do anything wrong and just helps people to get well. I guess it was a pretty slow day for XXX. Anyway, can you imagine your herbalist / accupuncturist being arrested? 😦

    • rogue, my family goes to the same doctor too!!! i’m glad that he seldom prescribes those roots/dried berries/barks/twigs to be boiled 😀 most of the time, i get the ones in capsules 😀 easier to take than the foul-smelling, gut-hurling tea hehehe!!

      chico, i hope you get well soon! as they say, taking herbal medicine won’t get you immediate results but slowly and surely you’ll get well as long as you don’t skip taking them.

  10. Where can we find this chinese herbalist? My husband needs to have his cholesterol level too!

  11. Correction: Where can we find this chinese herbalist? My husband needs to have his cholesterol level checked too!

  12. i have nothing against herbalists or traditional medicine practitioners coz there are some cases which showed improvement in terms of health conditions after using their products. However, a number of unknown herbal plants (and some of which are popular and available in the market) showed that these can affet one’s liver and kidneys (since most of it are being processed by the liver and the kidneys)or worst aggravate an existing condition. if i may suggest, please do sk someone who has expertise about these herbs so that you’ll know exactly what the components are…

  13. chico,

    you can also check out ATHAG, association of traditional healing etc. they’re located at the 2nd floor of the jacinta II bldg, right next door to the MMDA bldg near estrella, makati. they practice traditional hilot and give great advice on wellness. they also provide better tasting tea than the one you are currently ingesting.

    if you want the more-spruced up environment, go to amezcua in white plains. its that chi-chi place for wellness.they offer traditional healing too.

    just might work for you. of course,the best way to lower cholesterol and to take care of your kidney and liver is to watch what you eat 🙂


  14. ewww, I remember these! I don’t know if we go to the same doc in Binondo, but these taste and smell bad!! Sometimes, I think I even see something that looks like dried cockroaches there. Hehe. Never wanted to go back…

  15. sir chico,

    i read your blog about herbal medicines.

    may i know the name and address of your doc in binondo. my father in law has just been diagnosed with rectal cancer and was given a sort of taning.
    but we’d like to give him some fighting chance or even lessen the pain.

    appreciate your help.

    thank you,

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