16 comments on “The Best And The Rest 152

  1. if i were a boy, i’d agree with #7… never wax my legs (and my bikini area) ever again…

    no PMS, no monthly war with hormones, and best of all..


  2. hahaha…ang kukulet ng mga entry.

    If I were a boy, sasali ako sa AFP…madami daw papa dun eh…baka andun ang “the one” ko 🙂

  3. 26. poide din naman p0h ang mga babae dito diba?


    –> sana next time dala-dalawang top ten entry na per day para hindi na tayo ka-close ni marty mcfly.

  4. cute talaga ng blog mo!!! very interesting. sobrang kaka aliw award sya promise..
    i hope delle will have time to update her blog site too… you two are the reason why my life here in dubai is not that boring… coz i got to listen to the morning rush via podcast and i’ve got to visit your website daily to check for your updates. keep it up guys! and many many more thanks!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Chico!! wala lang… I love reading your blogs…. especially the Top Ten… The entries are so nakakatawa and are so true at the same time…. Please post more Top Tens.. it really cheers me up… I also love your photos..

  6. hey chico!! This is Aina! remember?? you met my mom, bro, and me at the RX stick on! Robinson Galleria! We`re in japan already.. and we really miss listening to you guys!! today is the only time we got to listen to you again. but i get to catch up with the top ten on your website :)) God bless guys!

  7. i miss…
    it all 🙂

    i haven’t had the chance to listen since i moved out of the house na. anyhoo.

    hope you’re ok, chix. i’m glad you update your blog so i at least still feel updated kahit papano with you.

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