15 comments on “The Best And The Rest 151

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this Top Ten. Super tawa ako dito and I shared some entries to a good friend so we had a great time. Really sashaaaaaal!

  2. favorite ko tong topic na to!!

    twice na yata namin tong pinakinggan sa sleepover namin..we never get tired of this..
    especially the way you deliver the entries..it’s so sashaaaaal!! 😀

  3. hahahaha guilty ata ako sa #15!! hahaha kakatawa to! may mga na-encounter na akong ganyan nung college ako! haha

  4. hahaha…super natawa ko sa no.10

    “hindi kaya!” expression namin to dati…dahil kay Say Alonzon ng PBB
    ginagawa namin to dati sa work…wala lang trip lang namin mag-inarte minsan hehehehe

  5. I’ve just downloaded this top ten from podcast and we’re listening to it last friday with my friends here in dubai and i swear we’re laughing so hard and everybody starts to immitate you guys. grabeeee, parang bumalik ang time na sa pinas kami nakikinig sa inyo… it really feels like you’re home when we got you guys on the background . thanks for making our day off a lot of fun. and thanks to the people who make it possible to reach you even itf we’re here in the middle of the desert. keep it up people!!!1

  6. This is so funny.

    I remember a friend who is also conyo while we are talking about politics back then and how we said that the poor farmers are losing their lands.

    Friend 1: Ganyan na ba talaga ang tingin nila ngayon? Mga hampas lupang magsasaka ang tawag nila sa mga magsasaka natin?
    Friend 2 (conyo): What’s hampas lupang magsasaka?
    Friend 3 (conyo din): Dangerous Farmer.
    Em: Huh? bakit dangerous farmer?
    Friend 3: Diba hampas is hit?

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