18 comments on “Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

  1. God bless the greatest of all time. there will never be another superstar like michael jackson. his contributions to the world are unforgettable as he will always remain in our hearts. love you michael jackson, you are one in a million.

  2. hi chico,

    i, too, am still in shock over MJ’s death. i am an 80’s kid too and remember dancing to his music during class parties and soirees….uso pa yun noon 😉 i remained a fan of his music.

    question…are you sure you were a freshman in highschool when Thriller came out? we’re of the same age, 42, and i distinctly remember being a college freshman (’83 to ’84) at that time.

  3. LOL at the mention of Tom Babauta because I quite remember him…. anyway it is indeed true what you have just said that when pop stars of your generation are going going going forever gone, it makes you hmmmmmm….

  4. i grew up with his songs. my dad always play the jackson 5’s christmas album during christmas. devastating. what a major loss. i just couldn’t take the reactions of others. some think of him as a wacky person. haaaaayyy…rock with you has always been my favourite. so long jacko.

  5. There are two aspects of Michael Jackson. One would be the artist that he is, the way he produced those works of art that was appreciated by many.

    The other is the psycho side of him – all those lawsuits that marred his image…

    Still, he was a legend, and the world will miss him.

  6. Sad…

    Ok, my only MJ CDs are:

    1. Scream (Maxi-Single)
    2. Blood on the Dancefloor (HIStory in the Mix)
    3. The Essential Michael Jackson
    4. Jackson 5 Christmas

    Ok, konti lang kasi I’m a child of the 90s and 2000s na eh, not 70s (hehehe).

    I own more Janet CDs than Michael’s, but I am a Michael fan too. He was great. Such a loss.

  7. Suprisingly I wasn’t as shocked kahit pa Michael Jackson fan ako. Ang dami na kasing dumaan sa buhay niya and parang yung music legacy na lang yung naiwang maganda. Parang maigi na rin coz he finally rests now.

    Pero hinintay ko yung time na ma-redeem niya ang sarili niya with another hit song or album…

  8. im not a fan, but thursday night, i was thinking of posting, on my multiply, covers of two of his songs..james morrison’s take on man in the mirror and matt giraud’s version of human nature..then the next morning, i heard you guys talk about his death..strange & yeah, shocking..

  9. a few weeks ago, I saw his pix in a mag saying about his europe concert tour or whatever…I was hoping that he will do a concert in Manila…and if he did, I’ll go and see it (kahit nasa abroad pa ko) I’m not a huge fan of MJ…but to me, I just want to see him in concert kahit once lang…but, it’ll never ever happen. I remember, promising to myself that I’ll buy tickets of Frank Sinatra’s concert for my parents…and I was in high school at that time. Pero ala akong pera nun…and then he got sick and died.

    wala lang…kakalungkot, kc sa cd,dvd or internet ko na lang sila mapapanood kumanta. 😦

  10. another music icon, gone. I can’t believe I’ll someday tell my son, “Anak, si Michael Jackson, noong araw….”, just like how my Mama tells me about Elvis and the Beatles.

    Honestly, amidst all the controversies about MJ, he deserves a lot of respect with all he has done in the music industry. Gary V and Justin Timberlake, and many others, will not sound and dance like they do without MJ’s influence.

    I checked out his videos on youtube last night, and man, 9 million views!

  11. sobrang nakakalungkot parang gustong kong umiyak na ewan… ganito ba talaga ang buhay natin bigla kana lang maglalaho sa kawalan….

  12. i was walking along edsa when TMR played gone too soon..it was really hard not to cry on it. i do love his songs 🙂

    come to think of it, till now, i still have doubts on the child molestation cases hurled against him. two things in it: (1) his a famous guy and anyone who would want to earn big time at one snap of a finger can orchestrate a grand play, him as the villain; and (2) the media subjected him to trial by publicity. You’ll never know if they were telling the truth.

  13. i’ve been following each and every news about him in cnn. i’m really a big fan. all his songs are my favorite, it touches one’s heart. he’s one of best performer i have ever known.

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