28 comments on “The Best And The Rest 150

  1. I’m the first! Haha! I remember how Del becomes furious every time she hears a corny joke! Hehe

  2. woot I remember this! akala ko di na ako makakapasok, un pala #1, 8:30am batch! (you did a full batch kasi maiikli lang yung entries) one of the most memorable topics ever! ^^

  3. in fairness, natawa ako sa #11…pansin ko lang, bakit puro tungkol sa JEBS ang joke?
    yung #22 meron din akong text nyan dati…may karugtong pa yan eh…Boy: bakit pag sumigaw ba ko ng TAE! ililigtas nyo ko? TAE! TAE! ganun?!

  4. “So I love joke Top Tens, they bring out the kid in me.”
    and delle HAAAATES joke top tens..it brings out the ‘sungit’ in her..napansin ko lang..peace delle!!

    oo nga, bat fixated sa fart & poop entries tong topic na to?!

    nahiya naman ako sa entry ko..ang corny! but, i did crack that joke talaga! lol

  5. Two canisters were chatting. A hand took canister A and was brought back with urine sample. Canister B laughed only to be taken by the hand and brought back with a spe*m sample.

    Natuwa ako sa joke ni Curt Smith.

  6. hi chico! Im a big big fan of rxtmr! including you and delle of course..
    and one thing kindly check your top ten invented jokes kasi nakalagay
    “november 6, 2009” nagtaka tuloy ako kung 2010 na..

    more power!!

  7. lol! however, i wonder why some of the jokes made it to the top10 kahit super CORNY naman..

    (no offense to sasha purse)

  8. love the joke.. e2, meron din ako..

    Question: anong mas nauna, itlog o manok?
    Answer: Manok
    Final Answer: Itlog
    Proof ng Final Answer: Mas naunang na create si Adan.

  9. this is the kind of top 10 that makes me look crazy in a jeep 😉
    sorry but i didnt get yung herman? ano yun?

    • herman was the last name.. he was asking for the first name.. so, it’s Soup Herman.. 🙂

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