49 comments on “Nerd Alert!

  1. aawwww. finally a flashback from your younger years! i can’t believe that your yearbook described you like that. maybe the editor in chief is one of your classmates that has too much superlatives in their gradeschool years. yeah, probably.

  2. the first part of this post nakakaramdam ako ng tuwa , from the cute picture
    with tito pepe down to the blurdy one . . .

    sa mga sumunod na part , ay chico … kung sino man ang gumawa ng write-up
    na yon sa year book , manigas sya noh . . .

    tignan ka nila ngayon . . .

  3. life is indeed unpredictable… my situation is the perfect opposite… way back in college, i’m the Ms. Popular (modesty aside)… known for being scholar, org leader, and a very sociable stud.. i even belong to a fashionista group of girls… professors knew me as a model stud.. but now, here i am… my career sucks.. i was left behind by my college colleagues who i never imagined to be that successful… hayzzz… “May tomorrow be a perfect day, may you find love and laughter along the way.”-hoping someday i can say “i did” too…

  4. awww chico, i can relate!!! i used to be the most unwanted kiddo (believe it or not..a child can feel if he/she is the favorite or the least favorite). i used to be the one who refuse to speak and nobody believes that i could excel on any field. when i topped the class, a group, whom i’ll call SPaysGirls and Bakstrit boys, hated me…it was difficult to be the ugliest, the nerd, and the most unwanted…

    a mentor once told me, if people criticizes you negatively and you accepted that, then you are that criticism…and so, i did not accepted that. the next day, it was perfect (still perfect), too 🙂

  5. Keblar na sa nagsulat ng write-up mo! Obviously he’s not a talented writer… didn’t even do any research whatsoever. In short, he’s tamad! Hahahaha! Oh well, if not for your imaginary friends and BFF pillows, malay mo, you won’t grow up to be this really cool guy with such a colorful personality. Let’s face it, as a grown-up, telling people how much awards and medals you have from grade school (or even high school) eventually gets old and boring. Not many people have funny stories to tell about joining so-and-so clubs or wearing platform shoes (which you always call high-heels! LOL). Chaka ayaw mo nun, you’re the inspiration of the new breed of nerds. When they grow up, they would want to have such an amazing following and over a million blog hits! =) I love you, Chico! Thanks for sharing this side of your life with us. =)

  6. oh.. Hugs to you Chico!! Nakaranas din ako ng pangbubully when I was in elementary, especially nung grade 5.. pero ok lang.. mas maraming nagmahal sakin 😀
    And look at you now!! who wouldathot you’ll be the biggest thing in radio!! (biggest thing?! hmmm.. hahaha)
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  7. The people that bullied you before are all mean people. I hope they realized that by now. I know a lot of people who are like that and I try to avoid to be one of them.

  8. many consider me as a bully but i dont see myself as one because i only pick on those who are bigger than me. BUT if ever you were a classmate, batchmate or schoolmate of mine, i will really pick on you…..it’s just because of those huge ass glasses of yours. 😀

  9. hands down…this is my favorite post ever (or should i say, so far?). it’s so naked and heartfelt with matching pictures pa. a painful past can be very hard to look back to especially if it happened at the time you’re most vulnerable (adolescence). you’re so lucky you got over it and can now look back and laugh at it.

  10. i can just relate to this! and like i always say, ‘thank goodness i have evolved’! at least we, who used to be called “nerds” back then, can say we definitely have improved as we got matured.

    but seriously, the pillows had names??! :))

  11. This is so coincidental! I just scanned my younger pics a couple of days ago. i find it fun and sad at the same time when i remember the past. hehe emo. 😀

  12. we all have our bitter days when we were younger. but better days do come. if you were like this or that when you were younger, hindi nman hanggang sa paglaki mo ganun ka pa rin.

  13. I like this post – it’s heartfelt and very real. It’s great to learn more about you Chico.

    I do believe that everything happens for a reason. As Abernathy said, you may not have turned out to be the cool person who’s an inspiration to a lot of people without this painful experience.

    And look at you now! I bet a lot of your elementary classmates are green with envy with what you’ve achieved and become 🙂

  14. this is my most favorite blogpost of yours. it’s funny, is heart-baring, and endeared you more to us. more posts of this kind chico! 🙂

  15. AWWW Chico, ur so cute sa first pic… I used to collect stamps, coins and playmoney when I was in grade school…but I never tried collecting kare-kare bones.????

    naka-relate ako ng konti sa blog mo, lagi din ako binu-bully nung grade school at medyo nag lie-low nung high school…kaya nga, isang tingin ko pa lang sa tao alam ko na kung bully or hindi…like my former officemate na BFF ko na ngayon…sabi ko sa kanya…”ikaw bully ka nung high school noh?” sabi nya “hindi ah, mina-manipulate ko lang ang mga bully”

    I said “o, edi diosa ka ng mga bully!” harharhar 😀

    thanks for sharing your childhood Chico.

  16. thanks for the wonderful post!

    now i have a clearer view of you in my head as you catch insects 😀

    doesn’t matter if you were a nerd… rushers will always love you *taps shoulder*

  17. i’ve been dying to blog about my childhood years, Chico, and i’m surprised that it seemed easy for you to encapsulate everything in a simple, yet moving entry like this. i wish i could do the same.

    definitely your story is something i can relate to, though i wasn’t really nerdy. i was just one of those who had difficulty going with the flow because we were really poor. i was the one who would enjoy looking at my classmates’ baon — hamburger, crispy fried chicken and what have you, while i check which available snack in the canteen i’d be able to afford with my 7-peso allowance. consequently, i was always left behind, i was never asked to play a big part in any school production, and no one noticed whenever i absent myself from the class.

    everything changed when i reached high school (we relocated), and it had been smooth-sailing for me since then. i now hold a modest position where i work, and i have managed to buy the things i only imagined having before.

    this blog made me realize a lot of things. thanks so much, Chico, you’ve brightened up a gloomy day!

  18. hey, that nerdy guy behind you looked worse! hehe. So the next question is, how did you turn into what you are now, from that nerd? (abangannn…)

  19. One of your best posts, hands down! Thanks for sharing this Chico.
    “He is the quiet type and does not seem to like sports” is not bad at all. Kesa naman “… and sports do not seem to like him”. =)

  20. I used to be the “outcast” during my growing up years (without the glasses though) and branded “siraniko” (one who pretends he can fix everything and turning the work into a disaster… even in playing). Not academically excelling nor physically active, I got used to be the loner type of person. So the description you had is a bit milder than the one I got.

    But look at you now. A successful Jock, great photographer, well known personality, and so many listeners love you.

    Me? I am already an engineer, worked on machineries that stood 4 stories high and never broke a single unit, been to several places we only read in books, and earn more than what our Valedictorian gets from his high profile company. Right now I work here in an office here in Makati, managing computer-based maintenance systems.

    I don’t brag about it, but it’s surprising when you meet an old classmate and they learn your current status. 😛

  21. Para akong batang binilhan ng bagong toy when I read your post! Haha. Sabi ko noon we (other nerds nung bata) owe you a lot because you make us feel normal. Most kid-nerds turn out to be really good people, even better and nicer than those who used to bully them (us). I’d have to say na isa ka na sa mga batang-nerds na nagpasaya ng mundo pagtanda. Go go go Chico!

  22. omg what a horrible write-up! the quiet type? doesn’t seem to like sports? what lack of imagination. haha. at least now you’re sa-syal.

  23. i am in the same boat as you…

    bullied and taunted all my elementary and secondary years…

    and now the tables have completely turned…

    though there is much more for me to achieve…

    im pretty sure, i stand way better than some of my peers in some aspects…

  24. once a nerd… always a nerd. But look where it brought you now, right? hahaha. What caught my attention aside from you kiddie pics was that name of the school paper… Hasik? What did they “hasik”? lagim?

  25. Awwww Chico..that was truly heart-wrenching.

    “May God keep you in His tender care, till he brings us together again…” So, that’s where you got your Goodbye Song from? I vividly remember this in the early years of the Morning Rush. My officemates and I would turn up the volume of the radio at 9am to sing in chorus to your song. To think we worked in a call center where loud devices are a no-no! 😉

  26. Naks! Ma-ala nino mulach ah!! Wahaha.. Child wonder ka pala!

    Iba talaga tingin ng tao pag nerinig na nila ang word na “nerd”. Kulang na lang i-qurantine ka!

  27. chico!!!!! no reason to be sad look how things went right? I and the rest of the rushers love you no matter what nerdy or not…mwahugz!!!!!

  28. i was inspired by what you have shared chico. i almost burst in tears, i don’t know maybe because i can actually relates with your childhood experience. the only diff now is that you are already there while me is just getting there. (success) kinabog mo ang moment ni Susan Boyle.
    more of this story chico…..

  29. ngayon ko lang narealize…madami dami rin palang rushers na tulad ko ang nabully dati…kaya pala…all birds of feathers flock together.dyowk. 😛

  30. I wonder where those superior students are now?
    Sa dami ng superlatives na ginamt sa kanila naubusan
    na tuloy yung page mo. =)))
    Thanks for blogging about your bullied years Chico. =)

  31. chico.ano gamit mong camera. pls tell me the model…i heard u said it once on the air but ur spoke too fast and i wasnt able to write it down. love to have it..gganda ng pics sooobra parang kuha ng pro..as in PRO. gus2 ko niaaaaan. waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  32. Nice post Chico. Nevermind the bullies… they are the more insecure ones. I was a bit nerdy in school but I was not bullied so much. Probably because I have this sort of Teflon personality–I always look like I don’t care about anything. =)

  33. Wow grabe! I never thought that there are so many bullies, and more have been victims of bullies!

    I’m just wondering, where are those bullies now? But i’m so glad to see a nerd went out of his cocoon, spread his swings and became a super colorful and successful DJ!

    Oh, I was a nerd, too. When I was still a kid, I read the 2 sets of Encyclopedias (that was the “in” thing then right?), about 20 volumes per set my mom bought for us.

  34. you do that, don’t you? make us laugh and then out of nowhere, make us cry with how you end your posts?! huhuhuhu!

    naiyak ako pag dating sa “may tomorrow be a perfect day…”

    it’s such a poignant way of looking at how everything you went through led you to the beautiful career you have now.

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