40 comments on “No Boundaries Vs. No Boundaries

  1. when kara said that when a composer writes a song, that composer will be happier if the one who sings it gives justice to it…i still think that adam lambert did justice to the song…well, kris allen sang it fair enough though

    one more thing, kris allen’s version is easier to sing coz it’s in a lower key 😛

  2. i like kris allen’s version of the song more… it has its feel good vibe for me.. its more soothing…..

  3. liked them both ….. hey chico whats your fav coronation song ? for me i think fantasia’s i believe was the best even during the final 2 night.

  4. omg, i’m so pathetic. up to now i still can’t make a choice! i absolutely love both versions. at the risk of doing a kara, kris’ version is so heart felt. you don’t need to see him sing for you to feel his emotions. adam’s version though is grander and magnificent. he went the whole nine yards with the back up vocals and the orchestra.

    i really love this AI batch. i am following danny, matt, anoop and adam on twitter (yes, adam is finally on twitter as confirmed by matt giraud) and from their tweets, you can feel their camaraderie. yesterday, danny, matt and anoop were on a cab and they were tweeting that they didn’t have enough change to pay for the fare. anoop was supposedly in charge and they were playfully dissing him. and then this morning, matt posted silly pics of the girls taken during rehearsals. and oh…danny and adam both tweeted that they both get along thus debunking the rumor that they don’t. hehehe…i feel like an AI stalker!

  5. Kris’s version is more decent, more pleasing to the ears, unlike adam’s frequent shouting, i never really liked his voice. You listen to music to relax and to feel good, not to blow your ear drums out.

  6. I think the song suits Kris’ style better than Adam’s. And yes, the studio versions (either Kris’ or Adam’s version) is way better than the live versions.

    Have you seen Kris’ acoustic performance of the song on his guesting on Ellen? The song sounds way way better acoustically. Nababawasan yung cheesiness ng kanta, hehe.

  7. I think that the song was written to be sung by, for a lack of term – “power belter”. Adam’s version of this song is something that you would want to hear throughout the duration of the competition but the finale. Adam created several twist and turn to a very simple melody. Whilst I applaud Adam for doing so, I don’t think it is a song that can be twisted here and there and make it sound great. Don’t get me wrong, this (Adam’s version) would have been great on stage, but on record, I don’t think so. The song itself should be sung plain and simple. The only flaw on Kris’ version is that he can’t get to sing it on a higher octave. Thus, my vote goes to Kris. Just my two cents.

  8. i like kris’ version more than adam’s, adam just sing and belts, unlike kris, you can really feel the emotions,

  9. i’ve been listening to both songs for weeks na rin. i think i prefer kris’ version, the arrangement fits the mountains and hurricanes thingy… hehe.

  10. I like Adam’s version. It’s more appealing to me. The song really needed the high notes so it can be distinguished as a coronation song but I agree this must be the worst coronation song ever. haha Sorry Kara!

  11. The song has too many high notes for Kris but he’s still able to pull it together.
    The lyrics are trashy when you read it, you need someone to sing it for you. haha. peace.

  12. Obviously I’m really partial with Adam Lambert’s performance but I since Kris’ version has been constantly played on air it kinda grew on me… But still hands down, Adam pa rin! 😉

  13. yeah, naiintindihan kita. may mga times din na hindi ko gusto yung song sa umpisa pero kapag tumagal e nagugustuhan na rin. Ako nga, naaappreciate ko lang kung kailang laos na yung song. 😆

    Pero I like his version of the song. Not sure if Adam’s got a version too though.

  14. That song is my favorite right now because of the message – it talks about my life! Anyway, I like both versions, and depending on my mood. If I feel like I’m burning inside, I like listening to Adam’s version (tipong ilabas ang angst!). If I feel mellow, I like Kris’ version.

    Do you play both versions on the radio? Or do they only allow radio stations to air Kris’ version? Just curious. 🙂

    Now I’m wondering if last year, they made the AI finalists sing the coronation song, whose version would sound better? Hmm…

  15. Hi chico, i’m one of your blog fans. just wanna ask a question, how come i always dont see the last 2-3 words of the right side of your blog. I tried the settings for my screen resolution but no setting fixes the problem. the calendar, arhives, recent post list, etc overlaps the right side. hehe, not really asking for a troubleshooting here, just wanna check if another reader reported the same issue before.

    • ganyan din ang na-experience ko dati…pero ngayon ok na sya…I think you need to upgrade your IE version…or maybe try mozilla firefox.

      hope this helps 😉

  16. the finale performance of adam sounds better. during that time i’d like to believe that he nailed it. but now that it is out in the market i have a different feel,. i think kris really own the song.the song belong to him.

    ofie try logging in firefox instead of explorer.

    thanks and Mabuhay

  17. i love adam but i like kris’ version. adam has better vocals but he tends to shout sometimes 🙂

  18. i have been listening to both versions since no boundaries started playing on the radio. i must say that adam lambert’s version is more lively and commercialized. its great, don’t get me wrong and i simply adore him, er her. while kris allen’s version is more like from the heart like you really feel that there are no boundaries indeed.

    hmmm… i’m still undecided.

  19. adam lambert here!!! pero maganda pareho versions nila…i just have this feeling na the song was meant for kris allen.

  20. I prefer Kris’ version, less glamour but more heart into it. I find Adam’s version a bit O.A., too much birit… but that’s just me and my opinion. 😛

  21. ayan, pinakinggan ko talaga yung verison ni adam.. hehe..oo nga, both of the studio versions sounded waaay better than the live one..i still love kris’ take on it, though..it’s like the song is really made for him..

    “I started out REALLY hating this song. I even considered it the worst coronation song EVER.”
    haha me too! i even said flying without wings was a better coronation song and that it was the first time i heard something crappy from kara..it got so cheesy ata because of the overuse of mountains and hurricanes.. 😀 pero yun nga..the studio version of kris allen, made it lovable for me..


    But,but,but…it’s so hard to choose! magkaiba kasi sila ng singing style eh…I like the 2 versions.

    so…I played the song again…and I like ADAM’s version! I could listen to his version over and over again.

  23. well, they lowered the key to suit KRIS’ voice. ADAM did the song the way it was written and the way it is supposed to be sung. On one of his interviews, Glambert confessed that he had a hard time singing the song because of the mouthful lyrics and unending riffs etc. With that said, I prefer Adam’s version, despite the level of difficulty of Kara’s song, he still performed it very well. Indeed, with ADAM, there are no BOUNDARIES. 🙂

  24. I just have Kris Allen’s version on my playlist.
    I would love to hear Kara’s demo version of it, if there’s any.. ♥ Kara!

  25. KRIS version is waaaaaay better. it’s a very simple song, which was written to inspire. so it really didn’t need Adam’s display of his vocal prowess. A singer like Kris did deliver the song’s message better… 🙂 sorry adam.

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