50 comments on “My Birthday 2009

  1. happy birthday chico. I’m the first to leave a comment? Cant believe it! Parang nahihiya pa tuloy ako… Nwayz, just want you to know that since I bring my son to school every morning, kasama ka sa bonding time namin. You have touched our lives in so many ways. Like your top 10 yesterday. Continue being an inspiration to the youth and an unconditional friend to long time silent rushers like me. Thank you chico. More power!

  2. It’s God’s birthday gift for you, ayaw mo? Hahaha Hyepi berthdei as in soooow sashal! hahaha

  3. Happy happy birthday to you. and happy birthday to your mom, I mean she was the one who gave birth to you, so it’s her “birth” day as well, right? 🙂

  4. those were unusual pre-birthday events! good for you it turned out to be still a happy one as expected. more blessings to come! all the best. and btw, i like the jollibee cake! looks cool, brings out the kid in me. =)

  5. “Believe it or not, the next day, after much blowing with a hair dryer, the phone dried up and actually started working again.”

    yes, that works..remember tere? the one i was eith during your exhibit? pepsi max spilled on her phone..she dried it using a blower..tapos yun, parang normal lang ulit..

    happy birthday again! ang cute ni jollibee!! naalala ko tuloy yung entry kanina! “ang laki=laki ng bubuyog nyo, wala kayong pulot!” lol

  6. Happy birthday Chico! You and Delle deserve all the blessings that you have, just for making our mornings brighter everyday.

    God bless. =)

  7. Yes, Chico you (as well as Delle) truly deserve it. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay funny, and stay humble. Happy birthday sir!!!

  8. Re the group pic: Bakit parang si Joe pa ‘yung may bday at hindi ikaw?


    Happy birthday uli, Chico!

    • ayos ka jonas! hahaha. oo nga e. si chico sa likod lang. pano ba naman humabol lang ako.
      Chico! Pahabol na pagbating maligayang kaarawan. Susuutin mo yung shirt ha?


    …may your heart be always filled with joy everyday –you deserve nothing less.

    Happiness always!

    hugs to you & delle! 🙂

  10. happy birthday chico!!! greetings from (one of your “french hometowns”) malabón! 🙂

    ok lang kahit andaming pang-asar moments sa birthday mo, you’re stil sashaaallll… *hugs!*

    p.s. uy chico, picturan mo naman ung gift sayo ni delle.. di ko sha ma-visualize nung habang binubuksan mo sha the other day hehe..

  11. Happy Birthday sa “the one half of living legendzzzzzzzz on radio.” (ayan, baka kasi magtampo si delle ^^)

    “The Curious Case of Chico Garcia” ba ito? Parang kasing hindi ka tumatanda…

    Otanjoobi Omedetou, Chico-sama!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Chico, I think you are sucking the marrow out of your life.you are. look at you, you are totally different now from the man you were ten years ago. You have explored many seas and you have realized that you are very good in photography.You are becoming 50% introvert and 50%extrovert so u r in a ying yang now.its all good! happy bday again.i greeted thru text jock i hope u got it.

  13. Awwww! miss ko na si Jollibee!!! 😀

    Anyways, happy belated birthday ulet Chico

    I thought pag corroded ang phone dapat ilubog sa bigas or oatmeal para masipsip yung water sa phone…pero pede rin palang i-blow dry.

  14. belated ‘py BEERday chico! francisco lagbao? ay ewan umeepal lang.hahaha. but i cud remember delle’s. delamar arias. anyway, belated ulet! thank you for being my CENTRUM & STRESSTABS every single day. kayo ni delle.hahaha. kip safe. 😀

  15. wow, this is my sentiment almost every june 16, before my birthday…

    It’s a yearly “tick” of my life’s clock that reminds me that I’m a second closer to the end. Mortality is a curse for those who suck from the marrow of life, but it’s relief to those who never had the luxury.

    and i’m only 29!

    well, it’s been great having you as ka-birthday. hehe…as if you had a choice! 😉

    happy birthday, chico! 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday!!! Late na….. Salamat sa pagkakataon na napatawa mo ako… sa panahon na malungkot ako…Kayo ni Delamar nagung therapy ko…. Thanks GUYS….

  17. Nakaka-inggit naman yang picture.. Sana nagpunta na lang ako nun…

    You’re always be the best Chico!!!

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Chico, month of June pa naman so this should count 🙂

    Inggit ako sa cake! I always wanted to have a jollibee kiddie party or something like it. I’m turning 29 this year and you made me realize it’s never too late to get a jollibee cake! LoL 😀

    All the best Chico!

    P.S. TMR has a lot of fans here in Bermuda who’s really enjoying your show via online streaming. Keep it up!

  19. happy birthday chico.. sorry for the super duper mega late greeting.. i’m currently working here in SG & very glad to be transferred from our Dubai office. y? cause in Dubai i couldn’t catch morning rush cause of the timing difference.. hehehe. lucky me.. anyways, i was in Indonesia for an official trip when you’re having the top ten for your birthday, your program has ended then when our IT dept there blocked any radio streaming.. ggrrrr.. kaasar.. sobra.. why the hell are they blocking a radio site? good thing it was only a 2-day trip.. but then nainis pa din ako.. hahahaha.. sa sobrang inis ko nagpost pa ko sa multiply account ko para lang iexpress ung galit ko.. i’m the only Filipino there in Indonesia that time & i caouldn;t find someone who can understand my grief.. hahahaha.. check out my post if you have time (which i doubt.. haha) http://iksnehl.multiply.com/journal/item/89

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