36 comments on “Calicoan, Samar (The Pictures)

  1. tipakshort?? ahahahahahahaha! you really crack me up, mr chico garcia. anyways, have a happy birthday! don’t ever get tired of your job – your job as a blessing to many people. hope you are blessed yourself.=)

  2. nihao! this is a listener from china.

    i’m listening now but couldn’t greet you through twitter as most social networks are blocked here. anyway, i just want to greet you a happy birthday.

    i;ve been listening to you since my highscool and college days in the 90’s. thank you for being funny and witty. i wish you 100 years more of radio air time with delamar hehe.

    btw, incredibly great picture chico. idol! 🙂

  3. you’re pics are looking much better each time…galing! 🙂 how i wish i could take pics like you…though i’m not into using photoshop or anything for enhancing…

    happy birthday! i’m having a blast each day i listen to you and delle! 🙂

  4. HI chico! happy birthday!! Grabeh, I’m speechless when I look at this fabulous work of yours. Kung mayaman lang ako, kukunin kitang photographer sa kasal ko. haha..

  5. happy happy birthday chico!
    great shots, sana madaming madami pa saka sana post faster 🙂 (fastest? :p)

  6. These pictures are fabulous!!! And I love how the colors are so vibrant and alive. Hi, Chico!! I’ve been following your blogs for a long but just felt bashful about commenting. And Belated Happy Birthday!!!

  7. “Crab Mentality” looks great.
    Ang ganda ng kulay. Sobrang nagimprove na photography mo (-;

  8. love your photos…uhm…suggestion lang. Why don’t you send your photos to Practical Photography? Wala lang, mas maganda kasi yung mga kuha mo kesa sa ibang mga entry dun eh…favorite ko yung lonely flower

    have you tried using petroleum jelly sa filters mo? nabasa ko sa PP na pwede pala yun…to achieve the ghost-like landscapes. Para maiba naman, gusto ko mag-request ng photos na may ganitong tema. 😀 kung ok lang…hehehehe

  9. I love you critter pics..pwedeng pwede pang wallpapaer sa pc ko…grabe mga caption!! ASTIG

  10. Hey Chico, never knew you’re such a great photographer! If you’re into fashion photography, I’d like to have a shoot with you 🙂 Feel free to check my site for pics. thanks!

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