15 comments on “Pussycat Dolls

  1. wow, your job really is to die for!
    your photos of the event made my day. =)
    nice photos as usual. nicole is so sexy.
    thanks for sharing chico.

  2. Nicole can certainly spot a would be hit song. She recorded Jai ho before the movie became a hit. movieandbookreviewsbytiny.blogspot.com

  3. Wala daw band? Minus one lang? Is this true? Geez, even has-beens like Sheena Easton had bands when they performed here. What’s with the cheapo production? Is this the Menudo of the 2000s?

    Good thing you didn’t have to actually pay for your tickets.

    • A concert without a band doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap production. I’d call it cheap if the producers didn’t spend a cent for the stage, lights, sounds and fireworks for the concert. And who cares if they only sang their song with a minus one. The performance is great, and that is what people pay for.

      • I agree. A live band would have surely added production value. The dynamics of a band and the artist make for the “live experience” people go for in concerts (or even in bars). But it’s not absolutely necessary for the audience to enjoy themselves. It’s to PCD’s credit that people hardly noticed they were singing to a minus one. Or maybe people did, but decided not to mind since they were putting on quite a show.

        Altho, I do think any self-respecting musical act owes it to themselves and the audience to actually make music onstage at a live concert, no matter how bad or how far from the recorded version it would turn out. I don’t mean to dump on PCD, I’m referring to acts in general. Neither do I mean to imply that PCD is any less of a group than the next one. I know for a fact that they do perform with a band elsewhere and even had front acts like Lady Gaga in other places. Sayang lang they didn’t bring the band over, is all I’m saying.

  4. I saw the concert and even without a band playing (?), it was one great performance. I never got the feeling that it was a “cheapo” production.

    Nice pics, chico!

  5. I’ve been waiting for this post since Friday!!! Finally…hehehehe! Pressure…! I’m not such a PCD fan, but watching this concert made me a FANATIC… the girls are all fabulous and sooooo HOT! Nicole is undeniably a star and I’ve never been more proud to be PINAY when I saw her on that stage..rock on!

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