18 comments on “The Best And The Rest 146

  1. Gosh parang top ten scary ghost stories.. Kinilabutan ako sa last one!

    Just to share as well:
    There was this parents whose son died due to cancer when he was still very young. The couple had another son a few years after their 1st one died. Sadly, the 2nd son was also sickly and was always in-and-out from the hospital and the parents were scared that he too would die young. One night in the hospital room, while the son was sleeping, the mom saw her “panganay”, all radiant and told her “don’t worry mom, everything will be alright now”.

  2. The last one’s creepy…

    and we can always give simple solutions in case we encounter any mumu (c’mon, they are spirits. pauso lang ng media ang mumu.)

    1. You can always light a candle or an incense inside your house in case you feel something.
    2. Prayers really help. =D

  3. Aww, touching yung #16. Pero creepy yung #13 ha.

    Well, mine would be: “to the girl who visits me in my dreams and always ends up strangling me with her bare hands, I hope you found God already. I’ve been praying for you eversince that night I woke up screaming and saw you when I opened my eyes. god bless your soul.”


  4. i super love this episode.. this was the first episode i heard of since i arrived manila… particularly the no.17 entry.. creepy.

  5. i remember this episode… number 13 gives me goosebumps… imagine being alone in that room and the one you’re talking in the other line would say he’s hearing babies crying… scary

  6. This was a memorable episode for me because I was there in the booth live! And I could see del’s expressions! Plus the fact that they kept getting tech problems that morning and even the technicians couldn’t find a reason why. Anyway, creepy nga yung #13 and #17. And with Chico’s expressions, it was also more creepy.

  7. OMG!!! goosebumps…word to explain the entry #17

    nakatayo ang mga hair ko as I type my comment…creepy

    #5 is creepy too, it’s like one of those movies…but some entries are funny.

  8. @mariashanelle: yeah… it was really creepy that day in the show.. too many technical difficulties… strangely coincidental

  9. OMG! parang mali ata na binasa ko pa toh at almost 2 in the morning. damn. how could i sleep now? haha. wrong decision. tsk.

  10. OMG! parang mali ata na binasa ko toh at almost 2 am. damn. how could i sleep now? haha. wrong decision. tsk.

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