24 comments on “Rhian Ramos

  1. wow! she really is gorgeous!

    “Rhian was hilarious! The first thing she told us was that she loved our video. Our reaction was, “Whaaaaaaat?!?” Turned out she was referring to our video for our song, yes, once upon a time we had a CD, “Friends For Life”. And when we asked how old she was when she watched it, she said, “8 years old?” Good grief.”

    chico it’s a sign!! kelangan nyo na talaga i-play yung songs nyo ni delle pag riot! 😛

  2. wootwooh! i-feature na ang mga albums sa Riot!

    pwede rin ba magpasetup ng date kay Rhian? kahit coffee lang? hahaha

  3. yeah, she’s definitely gorgeous. i was listening to you guys that time 🙂 so what happened with Gino? (haha! chismosa)

  4. she definitely pretty and gorgeous! she’s got one of the beautiful and fresh faces in the entertainment industry today (sama nyo na jan si Delle).

  5. Can anyone upload those videos in youtube and share to all? hehe just to reminisce hehe. I remember watching those too. At that time, I never thought I would end up being such fans of yours 🙂

  6. wow! rhian looks beautiful as always. gusto ko din makita yung video. wiiiii!!!!! chico can you upload it in yt? please?

  7. aww… friends for life… I loved that song!

    meron din akong album nun… CASETTE TAPE pa.. hehe

    “with you i get by.. you’ve given me wings and made me fly..”

  8. “I swear, she’d do great as a radio personality, because she has “it” in spades!”

    I’m not sure about this but i think she’s a part of the other station’s junior jocks (counterpart of Radio 1) I used to watch this teeny bopper show where Rhian was a host. parang na-mention yon..

  9. She’s one of the promising young ones today. Very gorgeous and talented. She reminds me of Nanette Medved. =)

  10. hi rhian ramos musta kna sana makita kita ng personal sa maging frend kita ang masabi ko lng magaling ka umate at mganda katulad ko jokeeee ikaw yoon 🙂 sa add mo me sa friensdter kng meron ka okaya sa kng may ym ka eto yong sa aken gonzales.gracia@yahoo.com ingt kapalagi at mag pakatatag ok sana mag replay ka

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