22 comments on “Calicoan, Samar (The Experience)

  1. Hi Chico! Those waves are great! My bf loves surfing and he’d like to know the estimated budget of a trip to this place. Thoughts? 🙂


  2. Hi, Chico.

    As always you got great photos again, and funny ones to like your impression of a fish :p Good to know you had a blast in your vacation. I learned another place, thanks to you I’m having my Phil. geography review in a way 😉

    Oh, and thanks for replying in some of my post for you in Twitter 😉

    Good day Ü

  3. Hi Chico I have a few topic suggestions

    *ways to get over a broken heart
    *ways to lose a guy/girl
    *inuman moments
    *excuses for being late
    *things that kids say
    *rapper names

  4. wow… nahanap na rin si Nemo… hehehe!

    i miss the beach.coming from a person sick of the bitter cold from minnesota! 🙂

  5. Chico! I enjoyed the photos 😉

    I liked the photo of the kid playing sepak takraw, it looked weird though.

    and ur last solo pic, naks naman! gwapings!!! yeah 😀

    Sugoi! I’d love to go there next summer and try surfing!

  6. hi chico!!! i love the shots and i badly want a vacation like yours! maybe in the future…. hopefully!!!

  7. Hi Chico,
    You got great pictures during your vacation and I like the one when your under water and kind of looking misterious and serious kind of guy (sideview shot)but of course your not because of the fish imitating shot! Hahahaha! nice one!

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