17 comments on “Pals, Pampering And Pizza

  1. When you’re talking about a shower in the steam room do you mean steam shower? Something like this Steam Shower? I just got one and it’s a great combo!

  2. Hi chico, have you by any chance got to take a peek at the rooftop of The Spa? It’s sooooo amazing. They have like “casitas” there for couples and it’s worth the experience. If you wanna go “daring” they have a room there with both sauna and bath tub overlooking the high street in full length glass just covered by plants. It’s really great. You should try it sometime. 🙂

  3. i love stock market’s oreo smoothie/shake and pineapple iced tea. but my fave is the prime rib burger! it’s like eating a burger and steak at the same time (though I take out one part of the bun so I won’t get too full. hahaha!)

  4. Now I’m craving for pizzas, Chico… ikaw kasi eh :p
    But I’m glad you had a great day naman. read it in Delle’s Twitter that the supposedly out of town trip was postponed due to the “sudden” change of weather…

    Anyway… thanks for sharing the food ideas 😉

  5. Hi! I’m Ems! I’m a fan of “Chico and Delle” for yeeeeaaarrrsss. Anyhoo…tried the panizza (that’s what it’s called) a year ago at an authentic Italian Resto along Friendship Road (outside Clark) called C’ Italia! You should try it! The best! and the most expensive hehehe…But will try that one in A. Venue one of these days!

  6. i was around that area yesterday, too! it feels good to sometimes go out with friends from work…lalo na kung may budget talaga!ahehe sale sa ROX 😛

  7. my eyes are are turning to green…no neon green! super inggit ako!

    and those mouthwatering food…yummy

  8. …hi chico! ..here’s an avid listener of morning rush! i just love both you & delle!

    …thanks for the happiness you bring!!! 🙂

    happines always!

  9. you should’ve tried the steak in stock market. Meron daw silang cows from Bukidnon (the Del Monte farm, actually) na ang food lang eh pineapples — para manamis-namis ang meat. Astig, diba?

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