18 comments on “Screw Pine

  1. So, ikaw pala ang kumuha ng picture ng header mo! hehe

    Great job….on the picture…on the research….

  2. mas nice ang name na pine-nipple at fruitong.. hahahaha… magkakaroon tuloy ng sequel ang PATIKIM NG PINYA.. hehe.. kidding.. tnx for the info though… ; )

  3. thank you for the info on screw pine. you made me smile on the pine-nipple and fruitong. i miss your frankentien jokes tuloy.

  4. hi chico! nice header. so green. btw, do i really need to register when sending
    an entry or a greeting sa morning program nyo? heeelp. thanks mucho 🙂

  5. i like the ripe ones. hahaha…tama nga si delle, ang galing mong mag-imbento ng words

    “pine-nipple” and “fruitong”,

  6. hi chico… i was browsing your site nang makita ko yan 😀 … nakakita na rin ako nyan sa Balicasag Island meron ganyang halaman..

    hhhhmmmm.. screw pine pala yung tawag…

    thanks sa info… ^_^

  7. This is the fruit of the pandan plant. The leaves of the pandan plant is what is used to make “banig”.

  8. I watched this featured in one news channel. Bunga daw ito ng Pandan. We saw it in Balicasag Island (Bohol).

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