22 comments on “Calicoan, Samar (The Resort)

  1. the place is so beautiful… Especiallt the shots.. Can you be my official photographer on my wedding?.. hehe

  2. “where a butaka is waiting to ease you into a bukaka pose” magka-rhyme talaga ah. butaka – bukaka. love it! =)

  3. “a butaka is waiting to ease you into a bukaka pose” kulet! 😀

    I love the bathroom and salt-water pool…may pagka-mediterranean
    gusto ko rin pumunta dyan. What I really love about your blog is you also give us an idea kung saan pwede magbakasyon bukod sa mga common summer spots sa P.I.

    and I super love the blue skies shots! at nakakatakam yung mga food.

    haay! gusto ko nang umuwi 😦

  4. In all the years that I’ve been listening to your show, I never knew you were quite a photographer! Awesome shots!!! You use polarizer? 🙂

  5. hi! nice place u visited! kainggit naman. heheÜ were these photos taken using ur new d10 cam? my friend is thinking of buying a new cam.. he is torn between a slr cam and a d10.. he actually wants both. heheheÜ nice photos! il tell him to check out your photosÜ

  6. hi…chico!!!am really glad you had a chance to visit calicoan resort…actually am from eastern samar but i haven’t got a chance to go coz am still here in jeddah k.s.a.maybe one of my vacation am gonna visit the resort…by the way,how did you discover the place…???anways,you got nice photos…!!!

  7. wow i love the pictures and the place is just awesome, do you have their phone number? can i have it? i want to make reservation for next summer with my whole family. hanks chico.

  8. butaka? is that the tagalog word for rocking chair? we call it tumba tumba hehe. i so envy chico’s lifestyle. deep sigh. anyway, i get vicarious thrills just reading his blog. way to go, chico!

  9. great!!,,, now i have another place to go to next summer! eyey! hehe… amazing shots kuya chico, what’s your cam by the way?

  10. yes truly it is a very very very nice place, i am proud to be their when it was still under construction…. two thumbs up

  11. ” hi,pretty shots 🙂
    i love da place..actually i live der in eastern samar..
    i’m hoping 2 see that place again,..

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