34 comments on “The Best And The Rest 144

  1. Hi Chico! I was not able to catch this on air. Sayang! I have an entry to share pa naman! 😀

    Well I still thought of jotting it here.

    Last July 2008, while I was having my clinical duty in our alma mother’s hospital, I was assigned in an operation as a scrub nurse. My then suitor (now my boyfriend) was also scheduled to go in the hospital so that he and his classmate can work on with their thesis. Without me knowing, their thesis “meeting” got cancelled, so he just went to the hospital just to bring me dinner! He even had the guts to bring it directly to the operating room and with my luck, my very mabait clinical instructor was the one who accepted what he brought. I was still in assisting in an operation when my clinical instructor kalabit-ed and told me: “Meron pagkain nag hihintay sayo.” with a sheepish smile in her face! After the operation, I immediately checked my phone to fine numerous messages coming from my boyfriend telling me to wait for him coz he has something for me. 🙂

  2. every entry na binasa ko, napapa-awwwww ako sa kilig.

    pero pinaka-gusto ko yung no.8 kc fantasy ko din un…ahahahaha

  3. sarap talagang magbasa ng top ten posts dito! hehehe… btw, suggest lang po uli ako ng topics for top ten:

    – english or tagalog translations for movie titles
    – titles for a movie sequel (in relation to the release of new moon’s trailer)
    – moviehouse moments and/or quotes

    …puro about movies noh? hehehe… more power to your show! (^o^)

    >>>maigensai 26

  4. Hi Chico! I’m a forever follower of your blog. This is the first time I will leave a comment also share a nice really kilig moment with my husband.

    My husband (then-boyfriend) won’t give me flowers even if we’re on the ligaw-stage. He said he’s not used to that tradition even if I give him hints (or force him to!!!). Anyway, we got married after 6 yrs of our relationship. On our first Valentine, he gave me 3 white roses telling me “Ang girlfriend hindi binibigyan ng flowers, ang asawa oo” =p

  5. kakakilig!!!timing naman etong topic kasi 5th wedding anniv namin on June 6.

    share ko lang: my boyfriend cried in public (in front of 200+ guests) while I was walking down the aisle to be his wife…we stared each other as if no one is around us. the moment was really solemnly romantic, and I can hear sobbing from the congregation. when we watched the wedding videos, everyone was smiling with tears. hayzzz….

  6. sooooo love this. i had to send it to my 2 closest single friends just so we are reminded of the memorable things of having that “kilig” moments =$

  7. i read the list about the top ten kilig moments. and just a while ago, i had a kilig moment. people say that when you get married, familiarity starts setting in and the kilig fades away. but i beg to differ.

    everybody likes their eggs cooked a certain way for breakfast. i like mine “well done”, with the yolk just like how it is on hard boiled eggs. one day my husband asked my tita to include eggs to our breakfast. i was silently surprised that she did what i liked, though i didnt ask how she knew. a few days after, she told me that one morning, my husband told her what i liked without me knowing. for me that was sweet, that was kilig. those little, everyday things and not the grand, expensive gestures, are the ones that matter more.

  8. when i first met this special person 3 years ago, we were just friends back then… i told him i already have a name for my future kids… but their names changes from time to time everytime i think of a good one… since then until now when he’s talking about his or my future kids he calls them by the name i told him so i didn’t changed it na…

  9. another one… when me and my special someone were riding in Lrt or MRt, no matter how sisksikan it is… maluwag lagi sa pwesto ko at never ako nasiksik… yun pala lagi sya gumagawa ng space para sa kin then hinaharangan nya yung pwesto ko para di ako masiksik kaya ayun mula sa pwesto nya patalikod eh siksikan except sa pwesto ko…

  10. oo nga……..ang sweet ni wolverine….reminds me of jacob black…..haaay!

    ahahahaha!..isingit ba ang new moon?!

  11. wow! #27 is soooo nakaka-kilig…

    i love barefoot contessa! i wish my future husband would be like Jeffrey (ina’s husband).

  12. Hi. Makisali na rin ako sa kakiligan hehe. Narinig ko lang tong kwentong to eh pero share ko na rin.

    Isang gabing lasing na lasing si Mister at halos makatulog na sa kalasingan, nagulat sya ng maramdaman nya ang isang magandang chick na nakahawak sa damit nya. Pinigilan nya to at sinabing, “Miss, wag mo akong hubaran please. I’m very much in love with my wife”. Then the girl smiling with tears said, “I love you too Dad!”. Asawa nya pala yung naghuhubad sa kanya.

  13. Hi Chico,

    Your pictures are really crisp. Are these edited using Photoshop? I’m a beginner and I would like to have this kind of results too in my future shots. Thanks.

  14. Aww, I’m so kilig. 🙂 I feel like sharing as well.

    Since I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago, there’s this guy who I’m “friends” with– or maybe more, I’m not too sure, haha– who I keep on hanging out with. We always go to gigs, parties, and events together and apparently, all his friends think I’m his girl already. But I think I wouldn’t mind so much, because a guy who would make an electronica song for me, who would buy me V-Cut in the middle of the night because I craved for it, and who would go to my house and isn’t afraid to get sick (because I’m seriously sick) and take care of me are enough reasons for me to give him a chance. 🙂

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