42 comments on “Videos I Like 3

    • if you’re in the phils, key in RX, your greeting, then send it to 2299. if you’re abroad, you can tweet us via twitter.com/rxtmr. (astroboy, naunahan kita! :-D)

    • yeah, those were the best top 2’s – kris and adam, david and david, and let’s not forget carrie and bo!

    • yeah, he worked EXTRA hard to bulk up when producers ditched him because he wasn’t “manly” enough.

  1. I was able to watch the pilot episode of Glee….aylovet! There’s this choral performance of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab there too! hihi. coolness!

    • yeah, i took that during our vacation in samar. thanks to the people over at twitter, it’s a screw pine! haha, nice name!

  2. now i see what you said about the wolves being a bit cartoonish (or like what you’ve said this morning in your show, “kartoonin”.. haha!)

    but i do love it! so excited! 🙂

  3. i must say adam his becoming one of those guys that i hate to like..seriously after i heard him on the morning rush singing mad world..geez i couldn’t believe are you serious thats really adam lambert? wow what a voice!! 🙂

    • yup, when he doesn’t scream, he’s got a beautiful lower register. it’s way underrated.

  4. Did anybody else notice the way Adam looks at Kris? It’s like he’s gazing lovingly…kilig! Hehehe.

    Glee’s Rehab is so galing too!

    • it’s possible, but not probable. imho, it’s too much work and too much risk and for what? so their choice will win? besides in order for it to work, too many people have to be in on it, and that’s too risky.

  5. The Bonnie Tyler-Literal-Video-Version is so funny.. I thought, only Michael V can pull that off!

    I am so excited with New Moon.. Jacob’s so hot!!

    Thanks for the vids Chico!

  6. i heard the song ego when beyonce’s latest hit was if i were a boy pa..i looove the song..and oo nga, i imagine gays doing their take on this video..=D

  7. hi chico glad u liked the vid.. ill be sending u links pa whenever i find something xtra ordinary. God Bless !! btw 90’s kid ako hahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

  8. I am madly turned on by Adam Lambert!
    This is the weirdest thing!

    I dream about him. Weird!

    I love love loved the interview.
    The 10-second joke felt like a lifetime!!!

    He liked the top which makes him a bottom!!!

    I love him like that!

    HOT Bottom!

  9. grabe! tinatakpan ko yung bibig ko sa kakatawa…kc tulog na ang mga kasama ko sa bahay.

  10. AHhh! Taylor Lauter my celeb boyfriend!! LOL. I was like, “awww” when I saw that *POOF* moment that Gino and Fran were talking about when he transforms into a wolf. 🙂 He’s hott no matter what! haha. And LOL at the “I like the top”. 😀

  11. Hey Chico!

    Thanks for the videos! I’ve seen all of them before but the fact that you like them too makes it a great shared experience! I used to be a loyal listener for years but since I migrated to the US last year, I haven’t been able to listen to your show! I really miss you guys!

    Anyway, I looveee KRADAM (kris and adam) but I love Adam more! I love his lower register too but I love everything about him. Since I haven’t listened to your show, i just want to know who your bet was for the American Idol. And Delamar’s too.

  12. love that show Glee!! and i also love the song “Don’t stop Believin'”… meron din silang version ng “Rehab” ni Amy Winehouse… which is sooo good also!!

  13. … GLEE is just awesome :)… i just watched it a couple of weeks ago… its very original… and if you are a person into music and somewhat loves broadway… this is the show for you :)… but chico… you didn’t lyk them singing “Rehab” by amy winehouse :(?

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