20 comments on “Fire!

  1. Good thing no one was hurt! I can really relate to your post kasi laging nagkakasunog dito sa area namin, yung tipong close encounter na talaga. Ang sakit sa bangs pa naman magpakalma ng mga taong super natataranta na kapag may sunog. And you’re right Chico, sa mga ganong times talaga napapaisip ka about how lucky you are. 😀

  2. thanks god everyone was safe and nobody was hurt. Our house burned down 3 times and it is the most traumatizing experience ever. My heart would pound fast everytime i hear people screaming outside.

  3. I can certainly relate to this post. Our house burned down last November 21, 2000. I can still remember that day going home from school seeing my house in ashes to make matters worst we just had our living room and bedrooms renovated. =( My dad died 2 years after from a heart attack siguro dahil pa din sa depression since lahat ng pinundar niya all those years were gone. Lesson learned, do not get too attached in material things.

    • grabe, that’s horrible. we heard the owners were out of town. i had the same thought, how horrible it must be to come home to see your home is ashes. that’s why my heart goes out to the homeowners.

  4. the rain came in late! but it’s still ok that everyone’s safe. We lost our house in the province to a strong typhoon. it’s sad to see that it’s uninhabitable now… (what a term)

    • wow, that’s scary din! pero i dont think even strong rains would’ve put the fire out. it was too big an inferno.

  5. also saw the smoke while traversing C5 flyover after tiendesitas. i wasn’t used to seeing that amount of smoke in a posh village, usually sa more densely populated areas. wala talagang pinipili ang sunog. i saw several firetrucks coming from cp garcia qc also. they were fast! i hope they left some other firetrucks in case there are other accidents.

  6. the very house i grew up in burned sept 1997, i was awakened at 3am by my mother to rush out of the house. still dazed from sleep i wasn’t able to bring anything with me. our house burned to ashes and i was left with the only piece of property i have, the clothing on me. i was really sad about all the childhood pics i carefully kept. at 6am the same day, i don’t know where to start my life, i was a graduating college student then. it was like a dream sequence, i never realized it could happen in real life. until now i get really anxious when i hear fire truck sirens.

    • me too! i HATE the sound of firetrucks! even when i know it’s not our house, the sound sends chills up my spine!

  7. yah.. experienced the same 2 years ago, i’m getting dressed to go to school when it happen so i hurriedly get dressed, put all my undies, jewelry in one bag, jacket and blanket on another, then shirts and shorts in another, overall i had 5 bags in me, plus i have 3 rosaries in my room which i put around my neck. after the fire ended, my brother’s were teasing me about it. what was funnier was our neighbor who had a baby in her hands and we dont know who’s baby was it. it was really scary at first, but after it ended, what we did was all funny.

  8. sabi nga mas mabuti na raw na manakawan ka kesa masunugan atleast pag nanakawan ka pera lang ang nawala unlike pag nasunugan ka not only that you would lost everything you acquired but also some of your childhood precious memory and no amount of money can ever replace that..but hey god is still good cause atleast no life were wasted on that fire and for that we all should be thankful 🙂

    • i know, when my sister’s house burned down, their lifetime of pics went up in smoke, including ALL the vhs tapes of our TV appearances, including the rebyu episodes we collected. 😦

  9. I saw the fire from camp aguinaldo (we live on the katipunan side of the camp) and we are wondering why there are so many firetrucks coming-by the katipunan ave. and we saw this fire. Thank goodness no one is hurt xD

    • i know, it was sooo near our house. i got tense, watching if the fire would spread or not. it was a HUGE sigh of relief when the fire was put out.

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