38 comments on “LATA Laguna (Non-People Pics)

    • for most shots it’s most just cropping i do. but for the special shots, i use lightroom 2 by adobe!

  1. hi chico i really love the one with yellow petals. i grabbed it i’ll use it as my wall paper

  2. you really captured the beauty of these things.. we get to see these often.. some are interesting too and some we just pass by, but you made us see the beauty in them ^^

  3. looking for your next photo location…. where else??? BATANES!
    check out this website: http://fundacionpacita.ph/

    a lot have been said.. a lot of pictures have been published… its the next BIG thing… I guarantee you.. your 1G memory stick won’t be enough… haha such a great place… awesome as eveybody would describe it….

    by the way, your pictures are really superb! how i wich i can learn all thoise techniques – GREAT JOB! keep on clicking that camera.. see ya!

  4. yikes, the pic with the homemade body piercings made me squirm. magpa-nipple ring ka rin kaya chico?

  5. yung kabute.. it looks like .. like.. like.. a mushroom in the dark.. kelangan tabihan ng bulaklak ng kantutay.. that really is a plant

    • oo nga no? i forgot! sayang, sige will try to come up with new ones for my other photos.

  6. isa lang ang napansin ko sa lahat… bakit maitim kilikili nung may aspili sa katawan? hehehe.. pero impernes… pang professional na ang mga kuha ni chico! galing… galing!

  7. you keep getting better and better…gusto ko yung kuha mo sa switch and sa mga kabayo 😉

    looking forward to your next travel photos!

  8. I loved the pic with the yellow petals! How did you do that?? It looks like its a contrived artwork. But knowing you, this is just something you took a pic of. Ang galing!

    • that was actually just a wooden table outside a church with petals and stuff falling on it from a tree above it. glad you liked it!

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