27 comments on “LATA Laguna (People Pics)

  1. Nice shots! 🙂 I suddenly miss photography..been too busy with work…overwhelmed with new gadgets..uurghh!

    Keep up the good work! Going pro’!

  2. I have the same qualms about photographing people, especially when you put it out for public viewing like through the internet. There’s a feeling of guilt because while there’s self-gratification on your part for having taken a good photograph, you know that there is a story behind your photograph — the story of your subject. It is his life that you captured. This is especially true when you shoot poverty, or depression, or emotions and social states of that sort. Dami kong issues, no? Meron kayang ethics behind photographing people? Di kasi ako schooled in photography like you e 🙂

    • my take on it is that it’s okay. i mean, candid shots make it to the newspaper right? even in time and newsweek. even war photos! so i guess it’s okay to capture life as it unfolds. wag lang nude pics without people’s knowledge. iba na yun! scandal na yun!

  3. You’re really getting over the hump when it comes to photographing people Chico. Very VERY good shots. You’re really differentiating shape and form but you sometimes go back. Loving the growth, hehe!

  4. Hello chico, first time to access your blog and I’m fascinated by your photo sets. You got this good ability to connect with your subjects. The shots are full of emotions. Love it. Makes me crave for more, definitely will come back to check more of your works 🙂

    Have a nice day.

    • please do come back! i try to mix up my shots. for my next photo set, it’s less people again, more animals, i think…

  5. Hi Chico,

    ☺ Lost ako ng sasabihin… Nice shots…. ☺ ka shy pala, 1st time to post comment hehehe… Nway congrats sa Morning Rush, Been listening for a decade na… regards to Del.. ☺

    • wow, hi! hehe sorry i ambushed you ha? i couldn’t resist kasi when you were in the middle of the road! i wanted pa nga sana when you were kneeling down, kaya lang i was too late, papatayo ka na when i shot you!

  6. im hesitant to take a pic of a complete stranger too. i kinda find it unethical..an invasion of someone else privacy. but those are the kinds of pics that i wanna get. “capturing the moment” nga daw. i dont find it a problem if i know the person but when i start to focus my cam on them, they just know that im about to take their picture and they end up posing for the cam too. *bummer* nyaha!

  7. I like the candid shots, like the 3rd and 6th photo. The 2 boys are looking in the same direction but showing different emotion.

  8. I like the people shots. It’s like the emotion just bursts out of some of these images. The pic of the boy in the bike, blue shirt, shows such dejection and sadness. And the boy looking up from the grille shows such anger. Sigh. I wish I can capture images such as these as well.

    • hehe…most of it is just luck, timing, and a lot of patience. and being trigger happy. the emotions are always there. its just a question of whether or not you’re ready to capture it.

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