15 comments on “The Best And The Rest 141

  1. grabe naman ang pag roller coaster ng emotions ko sa mga entries…..first, i was totally grossed out…then bgla ko natawa sa last 2 entries! haaay! kakabaliw talaga ang top 10!

  2. if you have pest problems, just call us at RAIDEX, hahaha! yan ang shameless plug! 😉

    here’s a video to accompany entry no.19, hehehe!

  3. eeewe, centipede. In the Philippines centipedes can only get as long as your thumb… here in SK, it could grow as long as a hand! Summer of last year, i woke up one night with something crawling up my legs… and it was a centipede as long as my hand! I killed the da*n thing by trapping it with something heavy, and pouring hot candle wax slowly. It was dead and i was sleepless for about three weeks.. afraid that another one MIGHT crawl again.

    And it’s summer again… =(

  4. Memorable sakin ang topic na ‘to dahil nung tinanong ko si astroboy kung ano ang topic (because I woke up late), ang sabi nya, “Encounters with PETS!” Tungkol tuloy sa mga pusa namin ang sinend ko.


  5. For the first time, I didn’t finish reading your blog entry Chico. Di kinaya ng powers ko! Hahaha! Miss you though 🙂

  6. All I can say is… YUCK!!!!!!

    My personal experience with a fly was the most memorable, it flew inside my nose and I started sneezing uncontrollably until it came out dead, and I had no hankie or tissue to wipe my nose, I used my necktie. In front of a lot of people. I hate flies, or any insect that tries to get inside any part of my body!

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