14 comments on “Samar’s Hottest!

  1. Its not always easy to lose someone you love to a tragedy but hopefully your friend will surpass it..guess we wont hear you and your corny side comments for sometime..but hey have a safe vacay and take care always!!! 🙂

  2. Have a safe and happy trip we’ll miss you… I just got back from Bohol/paradise!;-)

  3. it makes me appreciate life each time I hear stories like this…so I will try to stop whining about my life.

    have fun! and tc 😉

    can’t wait to see your photos using your new baby D10 😀

  4. good luck chico! happy trip! i’ll pray for a safe trip! nice picture cropping 😀 if you want to know more about photoshop… maybe i can help you… with all my capabilities in the subject.

  5. So this is where the D10’s for… ha!
    I think you’re already capable of reviewing about the D10.(Another blog entry..)
    Please do.. i’m also contemplating of getting the same thing.
    Adventure buff + photo hobbyist dream..

    btw, graduate ka na pala sa D40x, D90 na, sunod na nyan D300. Me, still happy with D40x gaan eh… one complaint though, it lacks AF points. un lang.

  6. i’ve been depressed these past days due to that incident at Puerto Galera. i was in one of the boats that tried to help them. i wrote a short missive of that incident. i would like to share it but i don’t think it will fit in this space. i am not a techie so i really don’t know how to do it. i am an avid listener of your radio show and reader of this blog and normally prefers to be in the background but that experience prodded me to write something about it. if you can send me an alternative email address, i can send you a copy. thanks.

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