57 comments on “Canon Powershot D10

  1. Oh my! I love it! Good choice Chico! You deserve to pamper yourself after all the hard work you’ve done. No one else will do that for you except yourself! So don’t fret! 🙂

  2. aha! there’s the new “friend”! (someone’s inggit…ehem, hindi ako, promise? hmmm… hahaha!) i want a new friend too! 🙂

    • ikaw din naman may bagong “friend”, diba? tara, ipakilala natin sa isa’t-isa ang mga friends natin!

  3. It’s so nice!!! And it comes in my favorite color! I want one for myself!!!
    How much did you get it for and where? May I get in touch with your supplier?

    • and you know what? it has 3 other face plates that you can switch it with. it has orange, silver and camouflage! nice! i bought it at dponline. they have multiply yata. or JT in pasong tamo or makati.

  4. It’s still pretty! ::envious:: (Down, green-eyed monster. Down!XD) Looking forward to your posts of photos using this. 😀

  5. hi chico. 😀 it’s ok to buy stuff that you want; it’s your hard-earned money and it’s your call on how you would like it spent. like what my eldest sister says “ang pera ginawa ng Diyos para gastusin.” 😀

    • it’s like a regular powershot. not too big, not too small. pero definitely it’s not thin. medyo malusog siya. it’s rounded and bulbous.

  6. i found myself laughing reading this post. you have the cycle down pat. i, too, am a gadget slut and i even do spreadsheets to analyze my latest would be-purchase. i read tons of reviews to justify my choice. once i’m done with the purchase, i go on a guilt trip…i should’ve put the money instead in my daughters’ savings account instead of buying another phone (i have 2 spares), or another ipod (i have the classic and seriously thinking of getting an itouch when i already have 2 creatives in storage), or another laptop (i have 2). it’s a cycle really. in my defense though (that’s part of the cycle too), it’s my one and only vice! so, don’t fret…may mga kauri ka sa tabi-tabi!

    • hala, you’re worse! 3 phones? 2 laptops? and you have a kid? hahaha, joke! i know, i always feel like i could’ve used the money for something more important. sigh.

  7. LOL. Mister impulsive buyer. 🙂 The only thing that really matters is that you love your new camera and you can use it during diving without any preparations at all! It’s such a nice camera, I wish I could have a camera like that… You should consider yourself lucky that you have the money to buy that! haha. Take care of your new baby chico!!! and Enjoy it.

    P.S. This made me laugh for the longest time: “and now I cradle the gadget in my hands, as I rub it erotically all over my naked, nutella-covered body…oops…wrong post…”.

    Peace Easy! 😀

    • yes of course, i always count naman my blessings! i know how lucky i am to have a job that allows me to enjoy life every now and then. but i can’t really go diving with this cam, more like snorkeling lang siguro.

  8. waahhh. inggit ako!! i may not have the talents that you have but i’m glad to know that we’re the same in one thing: we are both an impulsive buyer!! haha. enjoy your newest baby!! 🙂

    • you dont need to be “good” to enjoy photography! it’s basically just capturing a moment and keeping it for future use.

  9. i must say, i have the same dilemma.. i’m so confused whether to buy canon D10 or canon G10. my friends suggested to buy D10 as i’m not really a pro in cameras and that i don’t even plan on buying a slr. they wanted me to be practical with my purchase. i gueSs you made a good choice.. but still, buying D10 wouldn’t stop my craving for the G10 cam.. oh well… haha!!

    • haaay. i dont even want to suggest. basta for me kasi, the d10 is of more use at this time, since i havent been diving in a while. but once i go back to diving, then yes, it will be a struggle one more…

  10. Hay nako Chico! I could’ve given you a good deal on that (I mean with my Hubby boyfriend Joseph’s powers). Pero since you’re too rich, then i guess you wouldn’t have minded the few thousands that you could’ve saved if you got it from us.

    Anyway, congratulations on your first Canon! 😀 Will be waiting for your Canon-shot underwater photos!

    • waaaaaahhh!!!! don’t say that! bad ka! hindi mo naman sinabi na may powers ang husband mo eh! hmph! ang sabi mo lang, he works for canon. had i known i would’ve gotten it from you! haaay…too late the hero. BUT…how much can your husband get the g10? hahaha! email me nalang… 😀

  11. aus lang un chico…aminado ka namang compulsive ka & u always self flagellate after…at ang remorse hindi nawawala…hehehe…i think u r ok. 😀

  12. I can relate to this. I feel guilty whenever I buy something that’s worth over 2,000 bucks (not that I’m saying that what you bought was that low-priced). I’m quite a cheapskate so buying expensive items is a big thing for me…parang bumili ako ng property or expensive jewelry hehe kahit camera or mobile phone lng ang binili ko…

    Anyways, just to fuel your guilt-trip I think medyo madami ka ng gadgets, perhaps to compensate on your latest purchase, maybe you could rid an old one which you can re-sell para mabawasan ang guilt…

    Lastly, I think it’s better to say and to hear “gadget whore” than “gadget slut”…

    • hehe…i don’t know if one term is “icer” than the other. yeah, i have a hard time letting go, but yes, i promise, if i eventually buy a g10 as well, i will sell my beloved 5060!

  13. great cam! 😀

    you know what, i could picture Isla Fisher as I read your article where she burst out her sentiments after loads of paper bags after shopping.

    but i agree, a handy cam is best especially when you are always on the go.

  14. Chico, congratulations on your newest baby. I beg to differ on the gadget slut that you labeled yourself. I think a better name for us gadgetphiles will be “willing slaves to technology”

    Happy Shooting!

  15. while i was reading this (getting ready to buy new stuff din), i just knew that this is how i would feel after buying this thing i’ve been eying for the longest time. you drool over it for days and weeks. and then when you finally buy it, after pressing all the buttons, you think you may have made the wrong decision. “what if i waited a little longer? what if i saved a little more?” blah blah blah… pero there will always be something better after you buy stuff. it’s not your fault. ganun lang talaga ang mundo. don’t look back! 🙂

    enjoy your new ‘friend’ and congratulations on the purchase! 😀

    • good point! i agree with that, that no matter how latest your gadget is, there’s a newer one just waiting around the corner.

  16. kainggit ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmft. anyway, im happy for you that you a new cam…. i hope you’ll post some pics taken by that camera.

    • of course! but it wont be like the “serious” shots i take with my d90, more of the fun stuff, when i go somewhere wet.

    • thanks! i’m not so much a techie, but i do love gadgets. problem is, a lot of the times, i don’t know how to use them.

  17. i love the camera!!! i wish i could trade mine for that hmmm…. hopefully in the future! I do enjoy reading your blog!!!

  18. wow! nice camera. ay naku, u know naman the mantra of technology “the newer, the better”
    have fun with ur newly acquired bébé! 🙂

  19. darn. naiinggit ako. i just bought my Canon Ixus 980 IS with 14.7 MP to boot but.. still not water proof. WET pa naman ang buhay at hanap buhay ko :c how much was it?

  20. WOW CHICO!…Congratulations!…a new baby again! HAHAHAHA Good choice!…You will not be disappointed! 😀

  21. if you want it, (t)here it is, come and get it!…so goes an unreleased Beatles song! hehe…underwater adventures and shots are calmly bugging me to explore it further…

  22. hey chico! glenskie told me you got a d10 …about which i got thrilled because i’m with canon 🙂 how are you liking it? would love honest feedback, really!

    was in donsol last weekend with the sales&mktg team and we got to take videos of whale sharks using our d10. hope you have as much fun with yours 😉

  23. Just thought you might like to know that the term “strange fruit” comes from Billie Holiday’s song about lynchings in the south. Not sure if you were aware of the connotation.

  24. hi chico!

    morning rush fan here.
    do u still wanna buy anything from canon? sale kasi ngayon dito sa sg.


    but we can look around for a better deal if you want. we’re going home this 20th. so just email me if u need anything! 🙂

    ur a brilliant photographer by the way!

  25. hi chico
    what can you say about the specs of canon d10? is it worth it? i was planning to buy a all around cam like this one thats good for water activities.
    can you suggest a really good camera? (if this isnt that good)


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