51 comments on “My 1st Canon Camera?

  1. my cousin was choosing between G10 and SX1IS…He chose SX1is because of the zoom power(20X) ! 😀

  2. i’d choose d10, because of it’s size and most probably the main reason for this purpose is to use it underwater. But if you can and i know you can just buy both..(haha obviously this didn’t help)

    btw, have you look into olympus’ new waterproof camera? stylus tough 8000 shockproof, waterproof(33ft), freezeproof, crushproof and dual IS..

    goodluck chico…

  3. maybe i’ll pray for myself to win the lotto tas since idol kita, bibigyan kita ng mga camera na yan..=D

  4. I’m not familiar with some camera stuff but if you really want my opinion definitely go with G10.even though its way too expensive it looks pretty and more cool than the D10.and besides you will look more professional on G10 so go for it! and i pray that you and i both win the lotto 🙂

  5. hi chico! since you love adventures, i think D10 will suit you. anyway, you already have a set of good cameras; G10 is just like a ‘lower version’ of your SLRs.:)if ever you’ll buy D10, can you please make a blog about it? because i am tempted to buy one. 🙂 it’s just that i am not sure if it’s worth it since there are also a lot of choices that are of lower price. thanks, thanks.

  6. I think both of the cameras are excellent… but with the D10, why only 30 feet?

    Anyways, I’d go for the G10 in a blink. Hehe. 😉

  7. Hehe, if you expect to be going snorkeling/exploring/spelunking more than deeper diving I’d suggest the D10. Your Olympus is already serving you well when it come to REAL underwater photography. The G10 is a tempting choice for me because of three points:

    1.) You can shoot in RAW
    2.) It has a hotshoe for external flash
    3.) It really IS better than your Olympus

    You actually already know my opinion, that you can survive on the Olympus for underwater photography. This boils down to convenience. Do you want a camera that’s going to handle the everyday stuff with some extras perks(snorkelingm spelunking, etc…) thrown in or do you want an all around camera that will do all of what the cheaper camera can do AND MORE but at a higher price?

  8. I’d say go for the G10! If you’re just an ordinary water-lover, then the D10 would suit you best. But I know for sure that you’re not since you have been seriously into diving also, so go for the gear that will satisfy your needs and wants, i.e. diving and taking photos of what you see underwater. Mabibitin ka lang sa D10 for sure. Good luck on your next purchase! woohoo! yaman! 🙂

  9. Hey Chico!!!

    Since you love diving a lot, I’d go with the G10. It wouldn’t matter if you payed double because you can go beyond that 30 feet limit that can only be handled by the D10. It will be worth buying the G10 especially if you love using it when you go diving and such. 🙂

    Anyway, it is still your choice, and mine is just an opinion. Its your call chico! good luck! 🙂

    Peace Easy Beezy. 😀

  10. Get the D10!… If you get the G10 mas bulky na sya lalo na at may underwater casing sya at fragile din ung casing. If you get the D10, di sya masyadong bulky and it’s also shockproof! Magandang pang travel talaga tong camera na to.

  11. i think sum1 said it already but go for the d10… u already have a camera with underwater casing, y buy 2? the d10 camera, as u said, could be ur outdoor camera… u dont need to worry about it getting wet… plus its color blue…

  12. I say go for the D10. First time I saw this camera on a website, I told myself I want one. I too have a DLSR and a point and shoot, but when I go to the beach I want something that I can take anywhere. So D10 or Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 are my choices. Hope you can figure out which one is yours.

    • there you go! thats my point, g10 is definitely better, pero kakatamad to prepare the casing and stuff. the tough 8000 is really the other one i’m grappling with. that one kasi has a casing you can buy if you want to take it deeper than 30 feet.

  13. What you should do right now is to buy a lotto with winning numbers. And the decision will start from there.

    Kidding aside, I’ll definitely choose D10. Just stick within your budget. You know how gadgets are nowadays – they come and go..


  14. I don’t know much about camera but i befinitly appreciate a good picture and as
    a matter of fact i admire the photos you post in your blog! so where you pick the under water cam or the expensive one… im still a fan hehe. Good luck, hope you pick
    the right one 🙂

  15. Hi Chico. I agree with the other posts. Just get the d10. My sister and I had a Sanyo underwater cam but somehow, water was able to find its way thru the battery. I learned then that if you buy an underwater camera, you should be prepared to have it destroyed. Of course, I maybe clumsier than most people, but the point is that since you have a lot of cameras for various activities, you really don’t have to spend much on another one.

  16. Hi chico!

    It has always been my motto that if, and only IF, you can afford it, always go for the option that gives you more or can take you farther, whatever it is. In this case, the G10, with its better picture quality and performance and which you can take diving instead of just snorkling. It has been my experience that if I could afford it but i skimp, i end up regretting it. 🙂

  17. i’m not really into photography (yet) but i would say that any Canon camera you choose would ultimately serve you well.

    (and i’m not saying that just because i work at one of Canon’s R&D subsidiary :P)

  18. Hello there, Chics!

    If my memory serves me right, Delle said she’ll get you your dream cam if she wins the lotto 😀

    Well, I’d say G10!

    While the D10 may serve as a unique addition to your black(from what I’ve noticed, I may be wrong) cammy collection, why shell out for something nice but has diving limits when the amount you’d spend on it can already be half for a pretty much better, no diving limits one?

    Better invest for something you love(diving) than waste a chunk on something that won’t serve the purpose.

    Good luck to us all playing the lotto!

    You may want to bug Delle every single day to get you one for yer birthday soon =))


  19. The price difference between getting D10 (~P25,000)and G10+casing (~P25,000+10000) is not that much, but considering you already have better outdoor cameras, you don’t need G10. If I were you, I will go for D10.

    But…unlike you, I don’t have any camera except my Sharp 5.0 megapixel cellphone camera, so I am thinking of buying Nikon D90 and Canon D10. Now, let’s win lotto so we can buy these gadgets. haha. 😉

  20. i forgot to include this in my reply… i won’t wish you to win the lotto… bka pagnanalo ka, magretire k na from the morning rush tapos mag travel around the world n lng… i wish i will win the lotto so i can give you one of those cameras na lang… sana yan n rin maging wish mo… hehe

  21. Hi Chico, I have a suggestion. This is what I do when faced with a tough choice like yours… Kuha ka ng papel at hatiin sa dalawa [kahit guhitan mo lang :)]. Ilista sa isang column ang advantages ng G10 at sa kabilang column naman ang G10. Be as objective as possible.
    Kita mo kung sino ang lamang base sa criteria na gusto mo. 🙂 Makikita mo na din kung alin talaga ang gusto mo. hth

  22. Hmmm…do i hear an offer from CANON for a “test drive”? I bet you have a lot of connections. Why not offer a test run for both cameras in exchange for an in-depth review in your world-famous blog? I’m sure Canon will gladly lend you one of their units for that purpose. Goodluck in choosing what you feel will best serve your purpose in buying another cam. Keep us posted!

  23. hi chico 😀

    i suggest you get a camera and get the separate waterproof casing. i have an olympus waterproof camera (the mju series), and i compared underwater pictures i shot with it and underwater pictures from a friends sony cybershot with a waterproof casing…and the sony’s shots turned out clearer. if you’re just gonna take underwater portraits of you and your friends goofing around, an already-waterproof camera should work just fine, but if you’re gonna use it for like, snorkeling or diving, i would suggest you buy a camera and its corresponding underwater casing for better, clearer pictures. 😀

  24. Wow!! That D10 looks really sleek! And 30 feet?!!! I want to have one as well. I have a Pentax OPTIO W60. It works well but I can only bring it up to 13 feet below, so I can only take it for snorkeling.

    Another question btw Chico, what’s the title of the background song that you play everyday during the Morning Rush? It’s catchy… I can’t get it off my head.

    I you may email the title of that song, I’ll be very thankful!

    Thanks much!

  25. i dunno how a newbie photography enthusiast’s opinion would matter but here goes–

    i checked the prices and MAN, CHICO, ANG YAMAN MO! hahaha… price: i’d be going for the D10 because i have financial constraints. pero kung afford ko yung G10, which is really a better camera and can do more on its own, i’d buy it.

    sa akin, no-worries ang D10 pag sa underwater — with limitations. pag yung G10 kasi parang ise-set-up mo pa diba? how does it differ from your Oly C5060 then? i like the D10’s get-up-and-go (or go-down-and-dive?) make.

    ayun lang. 😀 sana naka-gulo este nakatulong. 😀

  26. Hi Chico… I googled both camera and compared the price and specs…and also checked out the reviews.


    Since you’re serious about photography, I’d say take the G10. I know it’s expensive, but it’s worth it kasi mas magaganda ang magiging result ng mga photos.

    Canon D10 is nice also…gusto ko rin sya kasi may shock proof at convenient dalhin kahit saan…pero ikaw, since kina-career mo ang photograpy, I suggest the G10.

    ang gulo ko no?

    And I hope manalo ka sa lotto para mabili mo yung cam…ako naman dito sana manalo sa TOTO 😉

    • Chico,

      pinag-isipan ko to ng maigi kahapon…kaya bumalik ako dito sa post…seryosong malupet!

      G10 na lang

  27. I have a G10 and it’s wonderful I tell you. But i also want to get the D10 when i found out about it last March from my hubby boyfriend Joseph who works at Canon Marketing.

    Anyway, get the D10! Aside from being waterproof, it’s also freeze proof, dust proof, shock proof and all weatherproof! It’s really not bad for a simple somewhat point-and-shoot camera.

    I’m getting one. 🙂

      • You have an olympus na so go get Canon na! Hubby boyfriend Joseph says he can give you a good deal. Hahah! (But i’m serious.)

        Uuuuy! Natetempt na yan! 😀

  28. i will pray for you to be able to buy it… kaso when i read your blog, i want one myself! kahit na i just got a new canon450d. i want this one too!

    • it’s nice lang to have a brusko camera that u can bring with you while you snorkel, or go inside caves.

  29. Hey Chico,

    I’m the proud owner of a Canon G10 (with its underwater casing) and a Nikon D90 (which I saved up for like mad) and I have to say, if you’re a DSLR user, you’re actually better off with the G10 with its underwater casing. The D10, while it looks sleek and really nice, will probably break quite easily — I’ve heard horror stories about underwater cameras dying (nalunod, in other words) mid-vacay. And mabibitin ka lang sa capabilities of the D10 (I had a Canon 860IS and I sold it and switched to the Canon G10 within 2 months of using it).

    Will pray for you to win the lotto, photography is such a fabulous and expensive luho! Hehe.

    Hope this helps!

  30. Ei Chico,

    Im a diver myself, and been thinking of buying a D10 or a G10. Well, they have their own pros and cons. I cant bring a D10 and dive (average diving depth is 18m)…and I can’t bring a G10 to beach and snorkel, or do some cave exploration cause it aint compact and its quite bulky.

    So, good thing there’s a third option that answers all these worries…I’ll definitely go for Olympus Tough 8000. Surprisingly, they have strobes and fisheye brackets too! (but that one have to be an additional US$400++).

    Go for the “Tough” and start your adventure! (*wink*wink*)

  31. i saw from your post u have the d10. its a good travel camera.

    on my case. i have a G10 with a DICAPACK underwater camera case. max depth is about 10 meter. im using for dragon boat and underwater hockey. DICAPACK is a korean brand.

  32. the D10 is getting good reviews compared to other ‘waterproof’ cameras…


    but i’m sure the G10 will be much better -IF you’re willing to spend extra for the underwater casing. you should get better image quality and better depth capabilities but of course that comes with the added hassle of maintaining an underwater casing.

    for the cost of a G10 + underwater housing… i’d rather go for a Canon D10 and a Panasonic LX3

    Canon D10 -for snorkeling, rainy days and limited diving

    LX3 – a bring-every-day camera, small enough compared to the G10 for daily casual use. Great lens (wide angle and f/2.0 aperture). The G10 is a bit too big to bring all the time… big enough that if you have a D40x… you might consider bringing that instead. The LX3 seems to be better than the G10 in many ways (size, high ISO performance, aperture, wide angle) the only thing i can think of that the G10 has over the LX3 is the zoom range. Unfortunately, i don’t think there’s an underwater housing available for the LX3.

    just my opinion though…

    goodluck!!! happy shopping!!!

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