28 comments on “Chasing Light

  1. first picture definitely takes the cake mr. chico, i love the murky river and gets clearer as it runs, nice work

  2. Oh, you were just so near my house……if only I knew you would need a ride from Turbina (Calamba na sya, not Sto Tomas), I would’ve given you a lift all the way to Pagsanjan, for free! You see, I love Photography as well! And I’m a big fan of C&D! 😉

    • haha talaga lang ha! that’s a looong drive! wow, thanks for the offer. that’s mighty nice of you.

      • haha! The offer was sincere Chico. I used to do weekly field work in Pagsanjan….even all the way to Siniloan….so di pa yun long drive by my standards! hehe.

        Anyway, I hope to see you in future Photography classes/seminars! Yey!

  3. i luv the photos…I luv blue skies (everytime I see blue skies, naalala ko Robin Williams because of one movie)

    anyways, bibili na rin ako ng DSLr…promise! next year…gusto ko na rin mag-aral ng photography! Thanks for inspiring me Chico! 😉

      • yeah, I think that’s the title..
        w0w naman! super effort sa pag-reply ng mga post namin!


      • yah, i was so stupid kasi. i realized just recently how easy it is to reply. i never discovered the reply function of my dashboard. haaay…mahirap ang techno-idiot.

  4. Very nice photos, Chico. I see you’ve learned a lot from my friends Jay and Edwin! Are you a member of DPP already? ( http://www.digitalphotographer.com.ph ) If yes, hope to see you online, if not, I highly recommend you to be a member. You’ll meet a lot of people who share the same passion in photography as you do.

    Regards to Delamar, I never miss the Morning Rush every morning. I’m a silent rusher for years. And you can verify that with my classmate, Chito Barreiro! Cheers!!

    • yeah, we had fun with the very enlightening workshop. we’ve been admiring their work for a long time now, so it was nice to finally meet them and actually be taught by them.

  5. nice shots…but maybe it would also be beautiful when captured as it is…i mean with its own colors and everything…

    • yeah, infrared photography is a love it or hate it kind of thing. but we just needed to know how to do it properly.

  6. I’m really fascinated and mesmerized on your photography skills. The rocks, they’re so beautiful, as if they may buhay talaga sila.

    • super thank you! telling someone you like their pictures is like telling someone that their baby is cute. 🙂

  7. wow…i wanted to join this photog workshop too but it felt like i’m not ready yet for this level. Sayang sana nakapagworkshop na ako at nameet pa kita..nyahaha…

    I also admire kuya Jay Jallorina…his passion for photography nakakainspire haay..

    sorry to hear about the twisted ankle though…

  8. wait Chico…I’ve been waiting for your post about American Idol finale and about the winner.
    wala lang, since ala ako sa Pinas at sa blog mo lang ako naka-depend di ko na naririnig ang opinions nyo about reality shows.

    So, while I’m watching these reality shows like AI…Iniisip ko, “What would Chico say?” or “What would Delle think about it?”…just like “What would Oprah say?”…parang ganun.

    basta…miss ko na makinig sa mga opinions nyo about anything and everything. 😉

    hindi ako makapag-live stream because of my work

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