9 comments on “The Best And The Rest 136

  1. binasa ko ung top 10 for October 9 ng alas dos ng madaling araw… ayun gising ung kapatid ko sa tawa ko, sa susunod aagahan ko na ung pagbabasa nito…

  2. yung #15 napanood ko un sa ‘Going Bulilit’..anyways, id like to suggest a top 10..Top 10 Most Annoying Commercials..inspired by the LBC commercial na napapanuod ngayon sa mga tv station..you know yung kay Edu Manzano? where he’s hosting a spelling bee contest then asked a kid to spell “remittance” then the kid answered capital L-B-C!..then Edu said “tumpak!”..
    ay super annoying talaga!..sana ma-ban ung commercial na yun..

    • naku puwede kaya yun? baka some of the entries will be commercials we’re currently playing, baka naman magalit sa amin yung my clients! 😉

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