9 comments on “The Best And The Rest 135

  1. Haha! I actually have a friend whose name is Conrad Dominic: and we christened him CONDOM. Haha! 🙂 Yan tuloy, nauso sa buong school yung nickname na yun. It used to be just us in the Org. :))

  2. This topic is very apt for me. I am about to give birth to my first baby sometime in July. I’m just praying for excellent health for my baby kasi alam ko na kahit ano histura niya, uber cute pa rin siya. =)

  3. First thing in the morning, I automatically switch on my radio. To what station? Syempre, RX 93.1!! Pa-suspense vah? j/k! Hearing you and Del is a happy way to start the day, aside from eye-to-eye contact with my Backstreet Boys posters hehehe
    Kakaloka ang Top Ten, iba pa rin talaga ang Pinoy Humor *grins* and reading it on your blog has me cracking up all over again

  4. #4..LOl!

    when mY frienD Who’s so MAhinhin Got PregNAnt by HEr ex.. sHE said, “NapapaRanoid kc ako eh na baka BAoG Ako,kaya tinRy Ko..Un,NEgatiVE NA baoG ako..PEro POSitiVE NA Buntis!”

    we all laughed.

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