35 comments on “Cairo (Before And After)

  1. Holy cow! Even his facial expression kinda changed. He looked kinda dorky, like he was just “Hehehe! I’m a cutey little doggy, play with me” on the first photo, then he got transformed to this sharp-looking handsome dog who means business. Oh well, at least you were able to capture this moment before we went back to his usual ways! LOL *Hugs to Cairo*

  2. I have a Silky which is pretty much like a Yorkie except the coat is – well – silky. I tell you, tiny dogs have the biggest personality. So much more than the big ones. And they don’t think they are tiny at all! Cute post!

  3. really cute…. no wonder he’s your favourite. He got this “paawa look”. hahahha. parang may pinagmanahan. looolllzzz. joke! :-p

  4. Cuteness personified. Marunong kumuha ng angle sa camera, ha! He probably got it from his daddy Chico. =)

  5. hi chico, im used to listening to Mo twister’s show before, but there was this
    one time that their signal broke down or something, so i started looking for
    other stations to listen to, that’s when i encountered your show and since then
    di na ko nakikinig sa ibang station. hahaha. love you guys, sobrang nakakatawa
    kayo. the best, lalo na yung top ten.

    btw, akin nalang yung pinaka luma mong dslr, kailan ko next sem eh. hahahaha
    hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. (free loader pala)

  6. He’s so cute!!! So that’s your Yorkie… reminds me of one of your conversation with Delle. It was last Apr.22 (Wed)…..

    DELLE: How come you never touch my face, and say “oh you’re so cute”, cause I’m not your pet …I answered my own question.

    CHICO: Plus you don’t have whiskers hehehe,cause I like, I really like…

    DELLE: I can get some whiskers.

    CHICO: ..and the balbas…like with my yorkie, I love massaging his beard, but then uhm..thats a dog, ok?!

    BOTH: hahaha

    CHICO: We’re talking about a dog ok?!

    DELLE: I know, I know

    CHICO: …not some furry man

    DELLE: I would most certainly cuddle a furry man…

  7. I have a bunny who grooms herself. I swear she’s almost as neat as me, if not, she’s more neat. 😀 Hay. Pets are so cute… they actually make someone’s day 😀

    • yeah, i just finished playing with him. we played with his favorite toy, a stuffed pelican.

      • aww how cute. I “walk” Clyde (Quengs) Mamon sometimes. Walk meaning, palabasin sya sa cage and open the door 😉

  8. Hi Chico!

    I would like to invite you to the Dine With PAWS Charity Dinner at the MOA Music Hall on May 30, 6pm. Tickets cost Php 2,000.00, which entitles you and your furry little friend to a dinner buffet. There are also tickets available for those without dogs which costs Php 1,500.00 only. I can’t post the ad here but I posted it in my multiply (the website I linked).

    I hope you and Cairo can come!

    Please do advertise this event, this charity dinner will benefit the abandoned dogs and cats at the shelter, and they will greatly appreciate your help. 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

    • cool! we attended the event last year with our chihuahua nairobi. send me the online poster, and i’ll post it on this blog!

    • kasi i checked out your multiply, but the poster there is too small to read. if you can send me a bigger file, i’ll embed it in a post, ok?

  9. i saw your pik with cairo at hobbes and landes fort! you guys rock! maybe cairo can be friends with our baby ambull kovu someday! take care!

    • you know what? that photo really shocked me! i was there too, and i saw the pics, so nooneenoo, looking at the cute pics, then i almost dropped my dog when i saw our pics! nagulat talaga ko dun.

  10. We just got a German Shepherd puppy. She needed a name. We all had our favorites–5 kids, 2 parents. We couldn’t agree, so we put all the choices in a hat and let the puppy pick. She picked Cairo. Those in favor of other names balked, so we shuffled the papers and she picked again. Cairo it is. She couldn’t be any more opposite to your cute, little Cairo! I mean she is cute and cuddly now, but she’s going to be huge!

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