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  1. Three months ago, I lost my father to brain/lung cancer. It was an excruciating process watching him fight for his life and eventually losing it. I know how David Cook feels. 😦

    • sorry to hear that. it’s a terrible thing for a family to go through. it was a rough patch for us too.

  2. this really made me cry…I can only imagine what he’s been feeling, he really is a great guy, the best brother, and truly deserving to be called an Idol. thanks for posting this, Chico!

  3. i feel for david. i lost my mom because of cancer. a day after her funeral, i had to ake my final exams and it was hard.

    Life as they say can be summarized in three words. It goes on.

  4. Hats of to David Cook. I got teary eyed.

    On a somewhat related topic, last night I was watching Kris talk about her mom (which I respect). It’s totally fine to tell the public updates on her mom but she said something that irked me. She said that her mom is doing well, and that if you really pray and have faith then “gagaling ka talaga.” I lost someone to Cancer. I just thought that, she may mean well, but what she said kinda meant that when you die of cancer then you your faith isn’t 100% or that you prayed less. It just came of as sensitive. I found it uncool. I don’t know if you guys share my opinion, but there, just wanted to share…. I guess it’s like Thestrals – winged creatures that pull student’s carriages from Harry Potter. You don’t get to see them until someone close to you dies. Something like that. Ciao!

    • yeah, im sure she didnt mean it in a bad way. when we’re in the throes of pain, we forget to edit ourselves sometimes…

  5. I’m holding back my tears…feels like I have a lump in my throat

    @Rogue – I feel for you.

  6. >>>hey chico! i don’t know the exact words to say… but i tell you, i salute you (for posting this in your blog) and david cook (for being in the event despite the hardships that he and his family were facing during that time)!!! i hope you don’t mind if i excerpted your entry into my blog… i also want to share this with my friends and others! thank you! (^_^)

    >>>glenn “maigensai” 26

  7. I couldn’t agree more! My Mom has just recently gone through her 5-year-breast-cancer-free condition, though until now she’s still battling with other underlying diseases she didn’t know she have before. Also, my mother in-law who will be going through her 2nd operation after two sets of chemotherapy for cervical cancer.
    Anyway, David Cook I salute you! You’re a true IDOL and thanks for your selfless effort in fighting this battle with all of us who had or has a love one suffering from cancer.


    The way you write it Chico is just so convincing that I am holding back my tears…
    Hats off to you as well!

  8. Thank you Chico for sharing this. This broke my heart too. I may not know him personally but he’s a great guy. He’s got a big heart. My prayers go out to David Cook and his family.

  9. that was tough! what a brave thing to do, david.

    wish we all have the courage to face life through all its intricacies with hope in our hearts and a sense of meaning in what we do.

    thanks for the post chico.
    i was never a cry baby, i can’t be a cry baby, i don’t get to be a cry baby…ngaun lng! T.T

  10. just like mostly everyone who read this post and watched the video. i am touched and teary eyed. we lost my father to cancer too and it was as a long and well-fought battle. but eventually, cancer prevails. like everytime. even thought we knew years before he died that this will happen sooner or late, nothing has prepared us for the pain and hurting of losing someone you love very dearly. and for david to talk about it only a day after is such bravery.

    • i had to hold back tears too. anyone whose life was touched by this terrible disease knows that anything given to finding a cure is a step closer to not going through it again. it’s a pain no one deserves to go through.

  11. oh my god. how can he even face that crowd? tapos may concert pa sya hir in manila. its really hard when you lose someone especially family. whoever you are, whether you’re a famous singer or just a normal person, you have the excuse to get a break from all of the things that doesn’t matter at the moment and get back to what DOES matter at the moment. i’m sure david cook needs his time with his family. he’s not supposed to be here–although i’m thrilled about it too, it’s just, people should feel a little symphathy for the guy. he’s having a really hard time.

    these things happen all the time. its part of life. we just have to know how to deal with it. and i hope david cook finds a way to get through.

  12. When I hear of stories like these, I regret not saying anything during my father’s funeral. I wanted to extol him and tell everyone during the service how great he was. I was brimming with so much emotion that I just couldn’t find the strength to talk in front of all those people who know and love my father. I could have, because he deserves a tribute if only for just that moment.

    David Cook did just that, and I feel his pain.

    Was the brother he was talking about the one who was supposed to join AI but it was David who got through?

    • i was the one who delivered the eulogy during my dad’s funeral. i don’t even know how i got through it.

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