26 comments on “Toyota Prius

  1. This is the Prius you Twittered about about a week ago! Its awesomeness! Read very good reviews about this. It’s still not officially out in Phil market, i suppose. 🙂

  2. pruis are nice but the batteries dont last that long and they are very expensive. make sure to get a extended warranties for your batteries.

  3. a transponder sounds so cool!…and the features? it makes me wanna drop off the Toyota Fortuner on my priority list!…i want a PRIUS… 🙂

  4. i’ve been hoping toyota would bring this here. my husband used to handle the account years ago when we was still working in a bpo. sobrang okay raw! and really environmentally friendly. dapat they make this cheaper so people will but this instead. better for the environment and better for our health pa!

  5. If you wait for it, the Honda Insight is cheaper than the Prius but delivers approximately the same performance

  6. Way back when gas prices were going up and haywire, the Prius is the number one car for waitlist buys in the US. Yeah, sadly, the environment-friendly ones are more expensive as of date because of limited production. Lalo na dito kung dumating yan, susman. Good luck dahil sa recession. =)

  7. wow, the car is beautiful. akala ko rin basta hybrid, hindi ganon ka powerful. Sayang hindi pa siya available rito. And that transponder looks so cool.

  8. Hey Chico!Really nice car! I just hope if and when Philippines does have the chance to market this model, the government can extend similar privileges as was extended to Prius owners in US. I mean for the price of PP 1.3 M?! This will test the Philippine government’s support on energy conservation, green thinking and bureaucratic red tape. No need to expound…

    I still think it is worth it than the Honda Insight on the following terms;
    1. spare parts availability, cost and networking (Honda has a higher parts cost)
    2. Re-sale value of the car
    3. after-sales service from the distributor
    4. In the beginning parts will still be trickling as it is a new model in the market
    5. think about the impact on pollution? (its a lot better than diesel engines)
    6. think about the lesser fuel consumption? (you’ll get more miles per gallon of gas)

    If I didn’t have my Fortuner now, I’d certainly get one of those beauties. It was Nissan that marketed heavily on the transponder feature but it has been in the market for some time now.

  9. I want one! If only they were more affordable…
    Question: how do you pronounce it? Is it “pree-ous” or “pry-ous”?

  10. Hey Chico,

    Any chance you can get the price bracket for the fully loaded 2009 Fortuner VX and Prado 2010?

    I just want to compare market value there in PI and here in our place. Just in case you happened to get an input from your brush-off with Albert and Prius. Thanks.

    Oh and yeah, before I forget. I’m totally in the same page with you on the animal cruelty issue but I hope you could also do an article on Global Warming and awaken our people on our country’s carbon emmission. If we did have the resolve to stick with this commitment (I’m hoping we could start small as early as now.) It would take decades to undo what we have done to our planet all these years. You’ve always had an eye for nature, I’m sure you could also find ways to do an analogy of how we are slowly kiling ourselves with global pollution. Pristine and virgin natural resources will not be here all our life based on how we manage our environment and day to day life.

  11. my husband drives one, he said their company was going eco friendly and changed the company car his driving to prius 2-3 years ago =)) and i dont know if u can shut the seatbelt warning off coz everytime the car started and one of the passengers isnt wearing seatbelts it reminds u to wear it. Nakakapanic hahaha…

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