7 comments on “The Best And The Rest 105

  1. lurrvee that no# 8 and 9 entry..

    i have some too..i’ll dare to share
    i dunno if its a real tagalog word or a slang..

    weneklek- buhok sa paligid ng ut0ng
    kulapnot-kul@ngot na binilog
    karog(this one i know slang talaga)- buhok after ng pusod pababa.. its short
    for karugtong ng bull-ball..ahihihi

  2. he he, i love # 9! oo nga naman, pametro sexual-metro sexual pa e isang metro na lang pala e..

    i was listening to this yesterday when my boss arrived and i had to take out my earphones 😦

  3. ibang version naman yung alam ko sa metrosexual.
    “the difference between a metrosexual and a homosexual is..2 YEARS. (could be more or less, i suppose.)”

  4. yikes. sorry. cant help it. just go figure: so…August 12 pala today? akala ko January 29. =p …UNLESS ofcourse you’re into those rapidshare downloadables… or
    OR! ‘this’ refers to the show itself. hehe. wag na kasi pa-star/pa-uso. =) *peace*

    on slang, we use “friendship tax” – an indefinite amount of money that is considerably deducted from an utang to a friend. example:

    “magkano utang ko sa iyo friend? 20? naku, 18 lang tong barya ko eh…friendship tax na yung dalwang piso!”

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