14 comments on “Fourground @ The Podium

  1. Oh dear, I would not have been able to do that. I would have died of fright.

    But Chico, from The Podium, you could just have gone to McDo in El Pueblo across the street and use the CR there…

  2. 1. you’d feature different set of photos, you say? urgh!!! now i’m hating myself kasi hindi ako na-tuloy dumaan sa Shang last friday! mahabang story. sheesh…
    2. i’d most definitely drop-by podium this week…kahit araw-araw pa…at hopefully maabutan kita (chico) (and hopefully with delle and meet you again).
    3. nope. i’m not a stalker, don’t worry.
    4. you call “it” “main vein”? haha! funny! =)
    5. i guess mas “main vein” yung sa girls…may blood na lumalabas eh, hehe…
    6. *peace girls*
    7. uhmmm…sa level 5 ng basement ka ba nag-CR ‘kamo?…naku…good thing nothing bad happened…kasi may kwento about that floor…ang sabi nila, tuwing maga-alas-tres ng madaling araw may…

  3. that’s strange…the toilets near or on the cinemas floor were closed? or even on the floor where they have some sort of a bar (“elbowroom” ba yon?)..it’s what i remembered since i left the country. well, they probably changed the operating hours. i have to agree…you had quite an adventure.

  4. … hi chico, one of your posting here in strange fruit was in ricky lo column in yahoo philippines , top 20 signs that you are watching a filipino movie…

    … it was noted that it was send by somebody …

  5. ang tapang mo ha! but i agree with automatic allan. you should’ve gone to mcdo instead o kaya once you’re in a dark corridor na, sana you peed na lang on a bottle or a cup. seal it well then throw it in the trash bin. or is that kadiri? 😉

  6. chico,bilib naman ako sa tapang mo!see, you can do things tlga u wouldnt think u could in situations like that! astig!!!:)

  7. I went there! Chico, my favorite was Jump-a-round. I loved the color hehe. Please tell your friend that (Lenny Reyes, I think). Also, natawa ako sa Keep this door closed. That made me look at the picture again and say, oo nga no. hehe. Too bad u guys weren’t there.

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