11 comments on “The Best And The Rest 100

  1. i remember my friend who bragged that she went to palawan for a trip..
    when we ask for photos she cannot show us anything..
    but she show us her “souviner” a native bracelet na nabili nya sa palengke
    – palengke ng navotas,nakalimutan nya na kasama nya ko na bilin un nung fiesta months ago..ang nasabi ko na lang “feeling ka yaya ising”

  2. Hi Chico, I have a few more suggestions for the top 10.
    *signs that you are a rusher
    *pervy moments
    *ways to tell someone “you are so hot”

  3. hi chico! you may not belive this, but i am a ten year old girl who listens to your station every morning i have school. you guys are so funny! i enjoyed the top ten this morning jan thirteen! bye the way, your partner is delemore? ( sorry if wrong spelling!) anyway i would like to dare you to do something the next time i post. bye the way congratz~! can you do me a favor? i would really appreciate it if you said a comment about ur station on my site. http://www.piaysabel.wordpress.com

  4. Hi! i’m listening to the top 10 extinct products and brands (thru blueritz) pom poms i think is the cheese curls that my tita and i sort of buy by exchanging softdrink bottles..yung manong na “nagbebenta” ng pom poms nilaalgay nila un cheese curls sa yellow pages sheet shape like a cone..well as far as i remember that’s how we get pom poms…i was at least 5 years old then.. 🙂

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