15 comments on “The Best And The Rest 99

  1. I remember before when I used to listen to Kool 106 (nung sina Teabowne pa and Emmyray), they were fighting and I think broke up.

    One segment Teabowne said: I will give everything I own just to have you back again.

    So EmmyRay answered on her segment: Everything you own? I don’t think so.

    I think it’s a bit awkward for listenings to hear those comment 😀 I mean, there’s nothing wrong but I like how you and Delle implied that what you have is pure friendship, kahit na hanggang ngayon umaasa pa rin ako na sana kayo parin 😀 hahaha

  2. … chico,

    i am able to see the episode of salamat doc, diet police, great daw ung
    diet mo sabi nung dietician, siguro rusher din sya kasi mukhang kinikilig.

    and infairness, nagtatagalog ka ….

  3. i did not appreciate radio until i started listening to you and delle (as recommended by a former colleague)…well, up to now naman, kayo and your station pa lang ang bilib ako…there’s character! i have listened to foreign radio shows just to compare if you guys are at par. the mastery and command of the english language came (or is coming) from somewhere exceptional.

    hate about people from radio? not really hate…well, in general, i’ve always wondered, which are press releases and not? who (as in what kind of people) are behind those voices? are they as transparent as they sound or seemed? i know there is no answer for these questions…well, just speaking my mind.

  4. I hate those DJs in another station who pretend to ‘talk’ about thoughts on love and relationship every sunday (or saturday, basta weekend), pero obvious naman na binabasa at scripted.

  5. “July 31, 2009 → The Top Ten Things You Love Or Hate About People On Radio – Powpot” <– hindi naman masyado advanced ang top ten na ito? January 2009 pa lang, may top ten na for July 2009. LOL

  6. wootwoo! mag-August top ten naaaa! August ako 1st nag-#1 and 1st na naging topic sender! (na 3/5 days pa during the last week of August hehe!)

    woist Chico, ni-google ko pa kung sino si Willy Garte! hahahahahaha patawa ka talaga! ;p

  7. chico, i saw you earlier at salamat doc! di ka naman mataba!!!!

    @ your post… the other day, nagpaalam ako sa supervisor na makinig ng radio while wala pang tao…tapos she caught me laughing… she asked me what’s funny..i laughed because you immitated a lola’s voice. then she thought that i was listening to the other station (yung si bala.. daw) and she claimed that she enjoyed listening to those who are ‘nanlalait’ on air at nakakadalang tumawa… well, of ocourse i defended by saying, “no, ma’am hindi kami ganyan (syempre kami) mababait ang mga pinakikinggan ko and crab mentality isnt in our minds” i advised her to try listening to rx …alas, we are both in the morning shifts. 😦

  8. I hate listening to this certain program every morning[magegets niyo din], cause I seriously hate the DJ, he speaks as if he knows everything in the world and as if he’s perfect. Hello? mukha namang unggoy, feeling gwapo pa. TSSS. And he’s seriously obnoxious. Nakakairita, panira ng umaga. Pag nagka-koche na ako, mapapakinggan ko na kayo sa biyahe ko pa-school. lol. :))

  9. hear, hear, #17 and #21.. nung napanood ko yung KBP awards night at nagtagalog si Delle sa speech niya, tas si Chico kanina sa diet police, lalong tumaas ang respeto ko sa inyo!!
    eni,, i hate this dj na when he speaks, ang sinasabi niya lang yung greets at yung textline at ym niya, iniispell pa.. paulit-ulit yun sa show kaya nakakairita..

  10. hi chico! didn’t get to hear this top 10….wonder…wonder…wonder…cguro 1 of those days na hindi ako nagising ng maaga o…hindi ako nagising. tsk tsk. sayang…

    1 thing i hate abt people on radio: un nga…mga maninira…(di lang naman sa radio yan)…pero these certain pair eh hugas kamay…i have to admit medyo subtle nga..they read it fr text msgs…(malay naman kung lahat ng un fr txt msgs)…e d fact lang na basahin mo un…knowing na paninira pa rin…u still feel good in doing it? tsk3.

    ito lang ang mse share ko…kc 1 time lang n i get to hear other stn…pag either naunahan ako magbukas ng fm sa ofc…or…medyo jologs ung nasakyan kong public transpo…hehe.
    other than that, no, thanks! kahit curiosity..never…so i get to free myself pa of inis.

    things naman i loooove abt…is not just 1 thing…

    u both..r just 2 great, kindhearted, smart people who just happened to grace d radio industry…bonus na lang ng radio un…hehe.so san kappa…sa matatalinong pakinggan at masaya pang kasama sa umaga…o sa mga nagpipilit na me sense at TH maging nakakatawa.

    laging me nagte-text sa inyo na they’ve been a listener since 97…isa lang regret ko…it was half a yr later when i started…but what i’m really proud to say is…i didn’t stop ’til then…san man kayo dinala ng agos & back…i’ve been w/ u both all those mornings…alang patlang un…pag tanghali lang tlg ako nagigising..hehehe…

    for me, it’s really not where u’ll be…ky kahit magtayo pa kayo ng sarili nyong station sa timbuktu…it’d still be d greatest place to be. 🙂

  11. Hindi ako nakasali sa top 10 na ito ah.

    I hate Djs who claim to have done stuff first. Sobrang yabang, di naman marunong mag-check ng facts. ^ ^
    I hate Djs who also work for showbiz-oriented shows. ^ ^
    I hate Djs who lambast other Djs para lang mapansin (pero ang tiyaga ah, I must say…)
    I hate outright bastos pero di naman cute Djs (pang-morning pa man din).

    Oh, and I also hate Djs who don’t create a follow-up to their albums.


    I love Djs who wake you up in the morning nang hindi ka pinipilit. For some reason, gumigising na lang bigla ang katawan mo para makinig sa kanila.
    I love Djs who are spontaneous. Those that catches me off-guard.
    I love Djs who bear the name Chico and Delamar. At sana ma-meet ko sila sa personal, soon!

  12. Hate djs who agree with you while you’re on air and then disagrees the moment you hang up. Tipong, “I agree with you. Thanks for calling, bye!” Tapos ang next line is, “But actually you’re wrong because blah blah blah…” 😐

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