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  1. I was listening to your story this morning. Actually, minsan conscious ako sa dream ko. Pero di ko pa nagawang kontrolin coz by the time I realize I’m conscious, I would always wake up.

    Fight in your dream! Use your tiger-look and not care bear stare!

    Alam ko na kung ano yang pumapatay sa yo sa dream mo: Aging! Kasi you will resist sabi mo once, di ba? ^ ^

  2. Me? I’m used to controlling my dream.. and I even only have a few which I couldn’t… I dont know why… I know how to fly..have all the money in the world… blast people like in Dragonball… sometimes even planets…now that your telling this… I think I’m not weird anymore… hahah

    See me back at my site!
    Troy aka The Silent Rusher

  3. di pa rin ako maka-get over dun sa sister and brother mo sa dream…stifler and beyonce! haha

    but seriously, good for you, chico! great way to end your 2008..

  4. i hope that you did kill your dream monsters. though i have to admit that facing the threat head on in a dream is somewhat…hmmmm – unnatural for me. however, i am not saying that it’s not going to work. it actually makes a lot of sense. i believe kasi that our dreams are more of our emotional state than prophetic. unless, the dreamer is very intuitive, then dreams may SEEM prophetic. still, i would say – emotional state.

    anyway, this is an excerpt: “The way we respond to anxiety and pressure in real life is typically manifested as a chase dream.” so then, facing your monsters in your dream may have a positive effect in your waking life. it’s in your subsconcious na kasi.

    it may also help to find out, and understand what is stressing you out. when you know what the problem is, the problem is 50% solved. you just need to work on the other 50%. hmmmmmm…that wasn’t much help. d’accord, i hope that you’ll overcome whatever they are. meanwhile, enjoy the new year’s eve celebration! when we already hit rock bottom (or find ourselves in a deep-hole sh_t), there’s no way out but up.

  5. Dreams are our underlying emotions, whereas Recurring dreams may contain “messages” that are trying to tell us something important. I sorta agree with Delle when she said that it may be something that you are trying to hold back but you know you can’t escape because it’s there and always will be. I also side with Delle when she instructed you to face the threat. Then again, I’m not trying to scare you away or make things worse; I’m happy that you finally faced that Dream Monster although I could say that it may have something to do in your waking life as well. Sometimes, the best way to decode the real meaning of our dreams, we have to “finish” our dreams, no matter how bad that dream is. Minsan kasi, we didn’t realize that the Monster we keep trying to escape is actually us or within us pala. The thing here is to face the threat not just in our dreams, but in the waking life as well. Now that you’ve faced the Monster, you may want to look deeply into yourself and assess whether the Monster reflects something about your present condition. Malay mo, you’ll find the complete answer there.

    Have a Happy New Year, Chico! (=

  6. Hahaha! sorry naman, natawa talaga ako dun sa Beyonce and Stifler part. But anyway, good job, Chico! This is a good new year blog entry. Bring it on, 2009!

    By the way, please tell Delle that my friends and I miss her so much. It’s not the same talaga pag wala ang isa sa inyo sa Morning Rush.

    Happy New Year to the both of you.

  7. ..checo..nababasa ku sa sa panagenep ni mu na takot ka sa oso..meneng takot ka na wala ka na sa oso at tomatanda ka na (choz lang)..fez your fear..embrez growing old..grezfully

    happy new year checo boy!!!

  8. I believe when you dream that something is after you sometimes called a chase dream, it may mean that you are running away from something (a problem, a situation) that you know is there but felt powerless to stop. Its possible that its your mind’s message to you; “We have a problem or situation and we dont know how to deal with it”. It is a good idea to “face” the problem head on. Remember, its your dream, you can be anyone or do anything. Years ago, I always had a dream of being chased by zombies. I always get away, but I hate the feeling of not being in control of my dream and of always being scared. Next time I dreamt that scene, I willed myself to produce guns and shot all the zombies in the head. Never had that dream again. Sounds insane I know, but I believe that’s how you deal with those types of dreams.

  9. hey chico,nice blog! well yeah i agree that u face the monsters head on! well for some reason ako naman i can control my dreams…i can fly if i want to stop when i need to…pero i usually dream of people or real events that could happen…well i hope u have better and nicer dreams!!!malay mo sa susunod eh ibang celebs naman ang relatives mo! hehe 🙂

  10. hi chico!here it is hinanap ko yung meaning ng monsters sa dream mo (accdg to d dream book i have)–Monsters: You fear your own impulses.However,u have every reason to be fearless if u are strong willed and sensible. Your own light can triumph over the darkness inside and outside yourself.

    Hope it helped in any way. Keep on dreaming! 🙂

  11. as could remember back in my psychology class, dreams are creaed by are subconscious state of mind. moreover, dreams are like our fantasies or something that subconsciously or unconsciously. it is already in our mind, that during our conscious state, the thought of the subject was not settled, thus, dreams occur.

    so…fantacy mo din si stifler?ahahaha

    i also had dreams which i can control…parang telenovela tuoy ang labas…ahaha

  12. i’ve read before that there’s a way you can control your dream, but it’s the same as being half-awake.

  13. hi chico. it’s five in the morning and half an hour ago i just woke up from a bangungot. one minute i was in a dream at school, the next i was conscious that i was having another episode where i couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe and couldn’t wake. plus there was this voice of a child laughing behind me and someone pulling my hair and smashing my head up and down. *shudder* it’s the third time i’ve experienced this since last month. i got so scared and i thought, “ohmygod. what if i don’t wake up?!” then i realized i couldn’t NOT wake up–because i’d never see my boyfriend and family again. then i forced myself to wake up. scary.

    the first thing i did was to wikipedia the word bangungot and scarily enough, i fit the symptoms. *shudder again*

    the second thing i did was to open your site because i remembered your entry about your scary dreams and how you willed yourself to get rid of them. wala lang. nakakarelate.

    *yawn* i’m not going back to sleep though. can’t wait for the morning rush on monday morning! [silent rusher–lagi kasing walang load]

    hope you have better dreams.=)

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